Featured Toyota Hatchbacks

Hatchbacks are quite popular in today’s automobile industry. They have become the go-to choice for many thanks to their practicality and convenience. At the forefront of it all is Toyota, the global vehicle manufacturer renowned for producing vehicles that feature comfortable interiors, great safety design, fuel-efficient engines, and a wealth of other amazing features.

Why Buy a Toyota Hatchback?

Toyota hatchbacks are your best bet if you’re in the market for a dependable vehicle. Over the years, they seem to have had the game on lock when it comes to producing durable, fun-to-drive hatchbacks that also make a statement.

At BE FORWARD, we always strive to give you top-of-the-range used vehicles available at low cost. Toyota hatchbacks are simply unbeatable in terms of efficiency and stylish design. If you’re worried about how much of a dent a Toyota hatchback is going to have on your pocket, then you need not worry with our competitive prices and value.

Here’s a list of BE FORWARD’s top five featured hatchbacks from one of Japan’s most trusted manufacturers, Toyota. Keep reading and see which one is right for you!

Toyota IST

2004 toyota ist exterior


This 5-door hatchback is as “perfection-ist” as they come. Made with sporty drivers in mind, it gracefully blends fantastic aesthetic interiors with a great looking exterior.

Inside, the seating stands fairly high, and the seats are comfy and supportive enough for you to go on lengthy trips while keeping exhaustion at a minimum.

2004 toyota ist engine

Under the hood, the IST is powered by 2 petrol engines. The 1,496 cc l4 can register 109 bhp and 141 N-m of torque running at 4,200 RPM. This engine option comes available in both AWD and FWD units. Notably, the engine has a fuel economy of about 18 km/l on the FWD unit and 16.6 km/l on the AWD unit.

Alternatively, you can get the IST 1,797cc option l4 that is robust enough to notch 132 bhp and 168 N-m torque. The key distinction is that this model is only available in FWD and is quite efficient since it offers you 15.4 km/l.

Toyota Passo

2005 TOYOTA PASSO exterior


The Passo represents Toyota’s fine victory at producing a subcompact vehicle for your everyday use. This hatchback comes with a stylish exterior that appeals to many users and comes with loads of storage space for your cargo.

Notably, Passo handles quite well on the road and has a low turning radius which makes driving around tight corners and narrow roads a cinch.

Where the Passo really stands out from other hatchbacks is in its safety kit. The brake-assist functions, lane departure warning, vehicle and pedestrian avoidance function, plus forward and backward false-start control systems will complement your driving experience.

2005 TOYOTA PASSO engine

The Passo engine comes as either 1,000 cc or 1,300 cc DOHC three-cylinder engine. The front-wheel-drive system is mated to an automatic gearbox with four-speed continuously variable transmission (CVT).

At the pump, you’re bound to realize that the Passo has brilliant fuel efficiency. On average, the Passo uses about 17 km/l.

Toyota Corolla Spacio



Also known as the Corolla Verso, the Spacio gives you freedom of choice between the 1.6-liter and the 1.8-liter petrol engines.

In the interior department, the Spacio is considerably spacious. The seats in the front row are adjustable both horizontally and vertically, while second row seats can be moved forwards and backward. The vehicle’s allure is multiplied by the presence of sophisticated interior and exterior equipment.

Popular optional features include front spoilers, sunroof, xenon headlights, an anti-lock braking system, aluminum wheels, air conditioning system, privacy glass and a complete entertainment system for your driving pleasure.

If you’re planning for a lengthy excursion on the road with the family, then you’ll be glad to hear about Spacio’s cargo volume of about 14.7 cubic feet (416 liters).


The Spacio ships with a 1.5 liter, 4-cylinder VVT-I engine robust enough to produce 110 horsepower. Featuring a multi-point injection system and a fuel tank capacity of 52 liters, the Spacio has an average consumption of about 13.5 km/l (31.8 mpg) on both highways and cityscapes.

Toyota Raum

2007 TOYOTA RAUM exterior


Over the years, the Raum has won the hearts of numerous drivers thanks to its award-winning stylish design. Its picturesque interior and exterior detailing are further complemented by the fact that it’s easy to buy extended families.

The word “Raum” is German for “space, room, or area.” On the outside the Raum may appear diminutive, but on the interior it’s obvious that nothing is farther from the truth. You can easily fit up to 5 adult passengers since the Raum makes great use of the space it has. Given its name, it’s not surprising that the designers made a point of getting the most out of the vehicle.

2007 TOYOTA RAUM engine

The Raum is quite economical that it comes with a 1.5 l four-cylinder engine plus a four-speed automatic transmission. On average, you can register about 16km/l.

Notably, you’re spoilt for choice when purchasing the model as it’s available in both front-wheel and all-wheel-drive configurations.

Toyota Ractis

2012 TOYOTA RACTIS exterior


The Ractis has proven to be a big hit in a host of car markets thanks to a slew of amazing features. Not only is it well-designed, but it’s also stylish. It comes with sharp headlights and a narrow grille. These features help to give it a streamlined and sporty look.

As per your preferences, you can make tweaks to carry more passengers or luggage thanks to the presence of flat fold seats and a high roof.

2012 TOYOTA RACTIS engine

Ractis comes in two engine options, the first is the 1.3 L 2SZ engine and the other is the 1.5 L 1NZ engine, mated to either a 7-step CVT or 6-speed manual transmission. In terms of fuel consumption, the 1.3 L engine consumes about 18.2 km/L on average while the 1.5 L engine consumes about 15.2 km/L.

At moderate speeds, the Toyota Ractis feels stable and sure-footed. You can swiftly drive in major towns while in a Ractis. While both models are excellent, it’s best to take on the 1.5 L engine if you’re planning to do long-distance travel and loading.

Hatchbacks: The Smart Choice for Smart Buyers

Hatchbacks are great practical cars and are sure to suit you if you’re all about value functionality and fuel economy. Toyota models are all the rage thanks to their efficiency, and all indicators show that this trend is likely to continue for a long time.

If you’re in the market for a Toyota hatchback, check out our other articles on popular hatchbacks from other makers as well as more in-depth reviews of additional Toyota hatchback models. As always, you can also head over to BE FORWARD to sample some of the lowest prices in the market with a high level of customer service.


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