Top 4 Fuel Efficient Used Sedans for Under $1,500 at BE FORWARD

Taking a look at the roads in Zambia, it’s clear that Zambians love their cars, with sedans being the car type of choice. Some of the top considerations car buyers in Zambia ponder when purchasing cars revolve around two key dynamics: price and fuel consumption.

Over the years, Japanese cars have successfully managed to tick both of these boxes among the masses. Since there’s an assortment of quality cars in the market that offer great fuel-efficiency at stellar prices from BE FORWARD, we’ll be narrowing down our review to the top 4 fuel efficient sedans available for under $1,500.

For this list, we will be taking a look at 4 quality Toyota products: Allion, Corolla Sedan, Mark X and the Axio. Before we go into further detail about what makes these cars great, here is a quick look at the key points we will be touching on later.

Toyota Allion Toyota Corolla Sedan Toyota Mark X Toyota Axio

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Fuel Efficiency 11.1km/L 12.8km/L 10km/L 15.6km/L

Toyota Allion Sedan Features

Right from the word go, there was a lot of buzz about the Toyota Allion. With production having started in 2001, Allion was the moniker given to represent the “All in One” features.

interior and exterior of a used Toyota allion for under $1,500

Browse Used Toyota Allion Cars for Under $1,500

From the outside, the car is basically a compact sedan that comes in a couple of color options from Beige, Blue, Silver, and Red. The aesthetic appeal is further enhanced by the fact that there are alloy wheels which accentuate the look of the car whilst providing indirect support to the tires.

On the inside, there’s a power window that facilitates easy glass movement while the power steering ensures that your driving experience is unencumbered. Drivers familiar with the Allion usually avoid under- and over-steering complications by making utility of the handy Traction Control System which prevents brake lock issues.

Interestingly, there’s a lot of storage room in the roof rail which means that it’s easy to transport equipment. Night travel is also a breeze since the taillights and headlights are optimized in an angular fashion to provide a fantastic lighting experience.

Toyota Allion Used Car Price and Fuel Consumption

On average, the Toyota Allion has a fuel consumption of about 11.1km/L. The engine packs a mean punch with a horsepower of 109-155 hp which makes it powerful enough to navigate the terrain in Zambia.

You can find a used Toyota Allion at BE FORWARD for about $1,000 to $5,300.

Toyota Corolla Sedan Features

There’s a lot of joy be found in driving a Toyota Corolla Sedan. For one, the car excels in interior styling. The radio and heating controls are conveniently located right at the center of the car which makes travel quite convenient. The ergonomic aspects of the car are second to none thanks to the logical design of various elements.

interior and exterior of a used Toyota corolla sedan for under $1,500

Browse Used Toyota Corolla Sedan Cars for Under $1,500

With a 126 hp four-cylinder engine in the hood, the Toyota Corolla Sedan is perfect for driving around Zambian towns like Lusaka, Kitwe, Ndola, and Livingstone. Navigation in highways is quite easy since there’s little strain on the engine.

The car comes in three trims, the Corolla LE, the Corolla S and the Corolla CE which vary in terms of standard and optional features. The standard edition of the Corolla includes a couple of neat features like a 4-speaker sound system, power mirrors, air conditioning, and tilt steering wheel.

Toyota Corolla Sedan Used Car Price and Fuel Consumption

The Toyota Corolla Sedan delivers two options in terms of engine functionality. There’s the standard 13.6km/L in the 5-speed manual and the choice of 12.8km/L in the 4-speed automatic. As a driver, the onus is on you to choose what works best for you. All in all, you’re going to get a smooth luxurious drive at the end of the day.

Grab a used Toyota Corolla Sedan at BE FORWARD for between about $800 to $2,700.

Toyota Mark X Sedan Features

Without a doubt, the Toyota Mark X stands tall as the go-to car for most Zambian professionals. The Mark X has a great aesthetic appeal that makes it quite revered.

interior and exterior of a used Toyota mark x for under $1,500

Browse Used Toyota Mark X Cars for Under $1,500

There’s a distinctive crease that stems from the nose all the way to the tail. Unlike most Toyota brands, there’s no notable Toyota badge on the exterior, instead, a large X is boldly displayed.

The steering wheel is big and soft to the grip. The radio system is also quite exquisite since it has touchscreen support. To ensure that the radio functionality is smooth, you’re going to have to acquire a band expander to receive local Zambian radio frequencies.

There’s great comfort to be found in driving the Mark X. At the front, the seats are large, soft and comfy with sufficient leg room. At the back, the seats are also soft and there’s enough room to fit 2 passengers at the windows. The center seat is a bit small and firm which makes the spot great for children.

The Mark X edition has a pretty impressive boot room with a capacity of 437 liters, just enough to handle about 4 medium-sized suitcases or about 4 sets of golf clubs. There’s also the provision to fold the rear seats for added room in case you’re looking to pack many items.

Toyota Mark X Used Car Price and Fuel Consumption

In terms of reliability, the Mark X is well-renown because of the timing chain system which doesn’t need regular replacement. The car also 215-280 hp in the engine and a tank capacity of 70l which translates to great fuel economy. On average, the Mark X takes about 10km/L.

You can find a quality used Toyota Mark X for about $1,100 to $8,000 at BE FORWARD.

Given the aforementioned qualities, it’s easy to see why the model has become known as the very definition of comfort and class. X marks the spot.

Toyota Axio Sedan Features

The word Axio is derived from the Greek language. It refers to “things with value”. When reviewing the Toyota Axio, it’s easy to see why the name fits.

interior and exterior of a used Toyota axio for under $1,500

Browse Used Toyota Axio Cars for Under $1,500

The design elements of the car are impressive in that it features a dynamic exterior whilst maintaining a compact size. This small-sized passenger automobile is favored by many drivers due to the relative ease in driving and convenience in handling. The standard edition of the car features a back monitor and the steering system comes with both tilt and telescopic mechanisms.

The car is quite popular in the streets of Zambia as both a family car and in the taxi industry. The key reason why this is so is because of its spacious design. The wheelbase is specifically designed to offer great interior space in both the front and rear cabins. The simple and elegant finish in the car also goes a long way in enhancing the Axio’s appeal.

Toyota Axio Used Car Price and Fuel Consumption

The Toyota Axio has two 4-cylinder engine options available, the 1.5 liters and the 1.8 liters. The engine generates 100 kW power and a torque of 175 Nm without losing its eco-friendly appeal. In terms of fuel consumption, the Axio consumes about 15.6km/L.

You can find a well-conditioned used Toyota Axio in the price range of about $1,400 to $6,400 from BE FORWARD.

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