Top 6 Used Subaru Models on the Market

If you’re looking for reliability and affordability on your next car purchase, then Subaru is the way to go. First having risen to prominence as a fantastic all-wheel-drive maker, Subaru also offers great cost of ownership. Other than great versatility and a wide range of customization, this is because of the fact that their value depreciates very little, even as a pre-owned purchase. Given this impressive repertoire, it’s only right that our review today focuses on all the reasons why you need to rev up a Subaru today.

Discover six of the best used vehicles by Subaru in this comprehensive breakdown.

Subaru Forester

2010 Subaru Forester Exterior: Top 6 Used Subaru Models on the Market


With 8.7 inches of ground clearance, the Subaru Forester is sure to leave you impressed if you’re looking to take a detour into the woods for that perfect camping spot.

Notably, the Forester offers great all-round driving comfort and features a crisp steering to ensure easy maneuverability in close quarters.

2010 Subaru Forester Interior: Top 6 Used Subaru Models on the Market

The interior compartment of the Forester is pleasantly styled and the cabin design is built with the driver and passengers in mind. The spacious setting makes this crossover all the more appealing. Impressively, you can unlock more cargo space by folding down the backseat.

Few models can out-do the Subaru Forester in the safety department. The model has scored top marks many a times in federal government testing and won a couple accolades during impact crash tests. The presence of anti-lock brakes with brake assist, traction and stability control, plus airbags, has also positively impacted these scores.

2010 Subaru Forester Engine: Top 6 Used Subaru Models on the Market

As for fuel economy, the Subaru Forester fairs quite well with a consumption rate of 23.1 mpg (9.8 km/l). In terms of affordability, we have just the right Forester for you at a pocket-friendly rate starting at about $1,213. *

Subaru Legacy

2006 Subaru Legacy Exterior: Top 6 Used Subaru Models on the Market


This reasonably priced family car comes with a comfortable cabin featuring ample head and legroom all around.

From the driver’s seat, you have a 20/20 view of your surroundings, and the optional EyeSight system perfectly packs pre-collision braking, adaptive cruise control, sway warning and lane-departure warning.

2006 Subaru Legacy Interior: Top 6 Used Subaru Models on the Market

Overall, the interior department isn’t that complex. The designers keep things simple and straightforward, meaning you have easy access to an assortment of hassle-free features.

The Subaru Legacy’s standard all-wheel-drive system comes alive in harsh weather. You can easily drive through wet roads with minimal odds of body roll. The safety standards on show were confirmed when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tested out the system and awarded the Forester with top-of-the class “Good” ranking in a number of departments.

2006 Subaru Legacy Engine: Top 6 Used Subaru Models on the Market

The 173 horsepower four-cylinder engine is there to provide you with great acceleration. The automatic transmission also means you can comfortably register a fuel efficiency of 24 mpg (10.2 km/l) in cityscapes and 30 mpg (12.8 km/l) on the highway.

You can find Legacy models in our shop at impressive rates starting at $2,225. *

Subaru Impreza

2008 Subaru Impreza Exterior: Top 6 Used Subaru Models on the Market


What sets Subaru apart from the competitors is that they don’t limit the standard all-wheel-drive functionality to crossover utility vehicles.

In this territory, the Impreza has a powerful platform to shine through. After years of extensive redesigns, the Impreza now comes with better styling, more features, and enhanced fuel economy.

2008 Subaru Impreza Interior: Top 6 Used Subaru Models on the Market

It’s also worth noting that there’s loads of space in the Impreza and the seat design now supports fold-down functions. From the outside, the Impreza features a trapezoidal grille shape and conspicuous hawkeye headlights which further adds to the elegance of this Subaru model.

2008 Subaru Impreza Engine: Top 6 Used Subaru Models on the Market

The 148 hp 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine offers great highway acceleration and you can swiftly turn even in wet weather thanks to the excellent traction.

With the base engine and automatic transmission, you can easily get a fuel economy of about 22.11 mpg (9.4 km/l). Really impressive figures for a compact car.

While a host of factors like condition, mileage, demand, and location influence the price of a used Subaru Impreza, you’ll be pleased to hear you can cop one from BE FORWARD at an affordable rate starting at $1,752. *

Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon

2007 Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon Exterior: Top 6 Used Subaru Models on the Market


From the outside, the front of this wagon seems to have some resemblance to the sedan; with an angular raked nose and a large chrome grille on full display. Looking sideways, however, you’re bound to realize that the roof line is slightly higher and keeps on ascending into a hatchback-like design as your approach the rear section.

2007 Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon Interior: Top 6 Used Subaru Models on the Market

On the inside, the Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon is quite spacious, despite the appearance of its dark colors. You’re sure to enjoy driving this model with the dash controls being easily accessible and the ability to control certain features like the CD player, stereo, cruise control, and Bluetooth phone connectivity right from the steering wheel.

The all-wheel-drive functionality is quite handy and ensures that you’re always sure-footed, irrespective of prevailing conditions. There’s lots of grip, the steering wheel is super-responsive, and there’s minimal chance of body roll.

2007 Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon Engine: Top 6 Used Subaru Models on the Market

In terms of reliability, this Legacy version is built solid. The engineers have fully embraced the idea of a timing chain rather than sticking to a cambelt. This significant improvement lowers the cost for you in case you need to perform a replacement.

Having divulged all this, one would naturally assume that the ride is quite rough. However, you’re sure to enjoy driving in this model whilst registering impressive fuel consumption rates at 29.2 mpg (12.4 km/l).

You can find this model at BE FORWARD starting at about $1,311. *

Subaru Outback

2004 Subaru Outback Exterior: Top 6 Used Subaru Models on the Market


This is one of the best-used wagons out there. The Outback comes with ample passenger and cargo space, great collision-avoidance features and fantastic reliability.

2004 Subaru Outback Interior: Top 6 Used Subaru Models on the Market

With sufficient room to seat five, the interior is quite comfy and roomy enough for tall people to stretch out their legs a bit. If you’re more adventurous and looking for ample cargo space for your next ride, you’ll be happy to learn that the rear seats are also foldable.

In terms of styling, the Outback’s minimalist design dashboard features a CD player, USB port, Bluetooth functionality and satellite navigation for your driving comfort.

2004 Subaru Outback Engine: Top 6 Used Subaru Models on the Market

The standard 173 horsepower four-cylinder engine has a standard all-wheel-drive with a CVT transmission. In terms of fuel efficacy, the Outback can give you 29.2 mpg (12.4 km/l).

You can purchase your Outback of choice from BE FORWARD with prices starting at $2.693. *

Subaru Sambar Truck

2003 Subaru Sambar Truck Exterior: Top 6 Used Subaru Models on the Market


The diminutive Sambar truck was originally only meant for microvan and Kei truck body styles in the Japanese market. However, the model performed so well that it made sense for the company to branch out into new markets.

2003 Subaru Sambar Truck Interior: Top 6 Used Subaru Models on the Market

Without compromising quality, the designers made a point to install quality safety features and a host of other specs to complement the overall look of the vehicles. Some of the extras include UV glass protection, power windows, sliding doors, automatic brake assist, and a power steering for your driving pleasure.

2003 Subaru Sambar Truck Engine: Top 6 Used Subaru Models on the Market

The robust engine delivers 48 horsepower and 5.9 torque. On the pump, the Sambar is quite pocket-friendly with a fuel consumption rate of about 13.6 mph (5.8 km/l). This impressive figure suggests that the vehicle could be used for both personal and professional purposes. It all depends on what you’re looking to achieve.

You can get a reasonably priced used Subaru Sambar Truck from BE FORWARD starting from as little as $1,330. *

Which of these Subarus is Right for You? Find out at BE FORWARD!

As producers of the best-selling all-wheel drive cars, Subaru has set itself apart from the competition. There are few brands that can hold a candle to their achievements.

Having reviewed a host of Subaru models, it’s clear to see that there’s great variety to choose from. With these models being top notch in terms of safety and dependability, we’re hoping you’ll be able to pick out a favorite from this list as you prepare for your next purchase.

At BE FORWARD, we’re always championing for buyers to get their money’s worth. Which Subaru model do you think works for you? What attributes do you consider most important?

Let us know in the comments section below!

*Prices based on average October 2019 BE FORWARD rates.

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