Top 7 Toyota HiAce Van Alternatives

When looking for HiAce alternatives, most people think about Toyota HiAce vs. Nissan Caravan. There are many other alternatives out there. The Isuzu Como, Nissan Vanette, Mazda Bongo and Toyota RegiusAce are just some of the alternatives that we have in the market.

front of a used toyota hiace van from be forward

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To understand why Toyota HiAce is the basis for comparison, here is a summary of its features:

  • Space – 14-seater/configured to seat 18 passengers in Kenya
  • Dual SRS airbags
  • 3.0-liter diesel turbo engine with intercooler or 2.7-liter VVT-I engine with 75-liter tank capacity
  • Power windows (front) and power steering
  • 4 doors (one sliding)
  • Sliding/reclining first row seats
  • Central locking – remote
  • Fuel economy – 8.1km/l average
  • Drive train – rear wheel drive
  • Transmission – 5-speed automatic

How Much Does a Used Toyota HiAce Cost?

Depending on the model year and features selected, a Toyota HiAce can be found at BE FORWARD for between $1,700 and $5,200.

Recommended Toyota HiAce Model

2005 Toyota HiAce

Now that you understand what the HiAce brings to the table, here are seven alternatives that match up quite well with it.

Toyota HiAce vs. Nissan Caravan

Nissan Caravan is a light commercial fleet vehicle. It was launched in 1973 to replace the 1965 Prince Homy 15-passenger carrier. Today, Nissan Caravan is also marketed as Nissan Urvan, Isuzu Como and Homy.

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Nissan Caravan Interior & Exterior Features

The 2008 Nissan Caravan has a spacious interior, with a lot of cabin storage features. Aftermarket navigation may be available in some models. Power steering, automatic or manual gearbox, 3-person front row seating and air conditioning are some of the features. In Kenya, the Nissan Caravan is allowed to carry 18 passengers.

Used Nissan Caravan Pricing

Prices on used Nissan Caravan models range from $1,400 to $8,000

Recommended Nissan Caravan Model

2008 Nissan Caravan

The exterior of the Caravan shows a well-built van with high ground clearance, a tailgate to access the boot, one sliding door and large windows. It does not look as boxy as the Toyota HiAce. The design for the Nissan Caravan has however largely remained unchanged since 1986 but has increased its interior space.

Average Nissan Caravan Engine Specs & Fuel Efficiency

The most common engine is the 2.7L i4 turbo diesel. Some Caravans might also come with the 3.0L i4 turbo diesel engine. This is mated to a 2-wheel drive train and 5-speed manual transmission. On average, the fuel consumption is 8.1km/l and fuel tank capacity is 65 liters.

caravan van interior hiace alternative

Recommended Nissan Caravan Users

Nissan Caravan is a good passenger transport option for East Africa (it is assembled in Kenya). It is used as a commuter van in Central Africa, West Africa, South Africa and other places. A cargo version is also available for conducting business. Low fuel consumption, wide availability of spare parts and low running costs make it a darling for Africa.

Toyota HiAce vs. Nissan Vanette

Nissan Vanette is another good HiAce alternative. The first generation was launched in 1978. It would be discontinued in 2011, while in the fourth generation.

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Nissan Vanette Interior & Exterior Features

Albeit smaller than the HiAce, the interior of the Nissan Vanette has enough space to seat three people. Air conditioning and ample legroom for driver and front passengers are the Vanette’s convenience features.

Used Nissan Vanette Pricing

Prices on used Nissan Vanette models range from $700 to $2,500

Recommended Nissan Vanette Model

2010 Nissan Vanette

From the exterior of the Nissan Vanette, which by the way did not change much to the last generation in 2011, you will see this is a narrow, but compact van. It has good ground clearance, a curvy frame, four doors (one sliding), and steel rims.

Average Nissan Vanette Engine Specs & Fuel Efficiency

The most common Nissan Vanette comes with a 1952cc LD20, 65 horsepower diesel engine. Different models from the four generations have different engine specifications.

The 2010 Nissan Vanette has a 1798cc gasoline engine, fuel consumption of 7 to 10km/l and a fuel tank capacity of 55 liters. It is available in 2-wheel (rear) drive train and 5-speed manual or automatic transmission.

nissan vanette interior hiace alternative

Recommended Nissan Vanette Users

In different parts of Africa (mostly south, east, west and central Africa), the Nissan Vanette is used as a family vehicle or a public transport van.

As a public transport vehicle, the Vanette seats 2 passengers in the front row. It has three rows in the rear, each seating 3 people. As a family vehicle, it can seat one passenger in front, and can have two rows in the rear.

Toyota HiAce vs. Mazda Bongo

The Mazda Bongo is a spacious van. It can seat 8 passengers comfortably, has a lot of headroom and is quite reliable. From the information provided below, you will see the Mazda Bongo reviewed as a good alternative to the HiAce.

front of a used mazda bongo toyota hiace alternative at be forward

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Mazda Bongo Interior & Exterior Features

The interior of the Mazda Bongo is similar to that of the Nissan Vanette – narrow, compact and a true workhorse. While the HiAce is bigger, the blunt nose Mazda Bongo is a close alternative and costs much less.

Used Mazda Bongo Pricing

Prices on used Mazda Bongo models range from $600 to $3,100

Recommended Mazda Bongo Model

2005 Mazda Bongo

Common features include air conditioning, adjustable driver’s seat, power windows and power steering. There are many cabin storage options too. The exterior of the Mazda Bongo is a four door minivan- two front doors, with one sliding door on the left or right side depending on country and the tailgate. It looks more stylish, has good body trim and has steel rims.

Average Mazda Bongo Engine Specs & Fuel Efficiency

Mazda Bongo Van comes with a 2000cc, 82 horsepower engine that is mounted on the front. This engine is mated to a 2-wheel drive system (rear) and a 4-speed automatic transmission for other models.

Fuel consumption is from 10 to 13km/l and the fuel type is petrol. Fuel tank size is 48 liters. This is friendlier than the HiAce, which has a fuel consumption of 8km/l.

mazda bongo interior hiace alternative

Recommended Mazda Bongo Users

The Mazda Bongo Van is great for business, as it can be used to transport cargo or people. It can also be used for airport/hotel transfer, or converted to an 8-seater family vehicle.

Toyota HiAce vs. RegiusAce

The RegiusAce is based on the HiAce as one can tell from the name. This makes it a great alternative to the HiAce because it packs the same performance, reliability and durability, but at a lower average price point.

front of a used toyota regiusace hiace alternative from be forward

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RegiusAce Interior & Exterior Features

Similar to the HiAce, the interior of the Toyota RegiusAce 2008 is large. Front SRS airbags, large cabin space, adjustable/sliding driver’s seat, power mirrors and front windows are just some of the interior features.

Used Toyota RegiusAce Pricing

Prices on used Toyota RegiusAce models range from $2,400 to $32,000

Recommended RegiusAce Model

2008 Toyota RegiusAce

The exterior also resembles the HiAce. One difference between them is the height, with the RegiusAce’s high roof making it the taller of the two.

Average RegiusAce Engine Specs & Fuel Efficiency

HiAce and Toyota RegiusAce share one engine. This is a 133 horsepower, 1998cc – 2980cc engine that is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. Fuel consumption is 8.1km/l to 10km/l for both vehicles. The fuel type is diesel, but petrol options are available.

toyota regiusace interior hiace alternative

Recommended RegiusAce Users

The Toyota RegiusAce is one of the most popular vans in Oceania, Asia and Africa. It is used for school transport, as an ambulance, as a tour bus and for everyday commuter transport.

Toyota HiAce vs. TownAce

The Toyota TownAce van 2007 and 2008 are much smaller than the HiAce van. They are cheaper to buy and have lower running costs.

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Toyota TownAce Interior & Exterior Features

The interior of the Toyota TownAce van is smaller than that of the HiAce. Air conditioning, seating capacity of 8, big headroom and leg space and power steering are some of the many interior features.

Used Toyota TownAce Pricing

Prices on used Toyota TownAce models range from $700 to $3,300

Recommended TownAce Model

2008 Toyota TownAce

The exterior of the Toyota TownAce Van is noticeably smaller and more compact, lacking the boxier look that comes with the HiAce. Other exterior features include high ground clearance, steel rims and one sliding door.

TownAce Average Engine Specs & Fuel Efficiency

The Toyota TownAce comes with a DOHC 1495cc engine, 2-wheel drive system and 4-speed automatic or 5-speed manual transmission. Fuel type is petrol and consumption has been rated at 11km/l. Fuel tank capacity is 50 liters.

toyota townace interior hiace alternative

Recommended TownAce Users

The Toyota TownAce van is used as a family car in Nairobi, Kampala and Dar es Salaam. It can also be used as a taxi. It performs best on paved road.

Toyota HiAce vs. Isuzu Como

Isuzu Como 2008 is an Isuzu by badge engineering. In regards to framework, however, it is the Nissan Caravan 2008.

front of a used isuzu como toyota hiace alternative from be forward

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Isuzu Como Interior & Exterior Features

The interior of the Isuzu Como 2008 is spacious, with a lot of legroom and headroom for all passengers. SRS air bags, stylish instrument cluster and power front windows, power steering and electric mirrors. Air conditioning and well-padded interior make it comfortable.

Used Isuzu Como Pricing

Prices on used Isuzu Como models range from $1,200 to $3,100

Recommended Isuzu Como Model

2008 Isuzu Como

The exterior of the Isuzu Como 2008 features a high roof thus making it higher than the Isuzu Como 2006. It has 4 doors (two front, one sliding and a tailgate), good ground clearance and well trimmed body.

Average Isuzu Como Engine Specs & Fuel Efficiency

Isuzu Como features a ZD30 engine with 2950cc displacement, equal to that of the HiAce. 5-speed automatic transmission and 2WD. Fuel type is diesel. Fuel consumption is 8.1km/l (similar to HiAce) and fuel tank size is 65 liters.

isuzu como interior hiace alternative

Recommended Isuzu Como Users

Isuzu Como is a good option for commercial use. It is a spacious commuter van. It is used by tour operators and for passenger transport between towns in Africa.

Toyota HiAce vs. LiteAce

Having been in production since 1970, without doubt the Toyota LiteAce Van is one of the most sophisticated, reliable and durable vans used for passenger and cargo transport.

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Toyota LiteAce Interior & Exterior Features

Although much narrower than the Toyota HiAce, the Toyota LiteAce Van is spacious on the inside. It has power steering, air conditioning and the driver has a high position, thus getting better visibility.

Used Toyota LiteAce Van Pricing

Prices on used Toyota LiteAce models range from $600 to $9,500

Recommended Toyota LiteAce Model

2001 Toyota LiteAce Van

The exterior shows a hardy, 4/5-door van with high ground clearance, 15-inch tires with steel rims.

Average Toyota LiteAce Engine Specs & Fuel Efficiency

The Toyota LiteAce Van has a 1486cc OHV engine. The fuel type is petrol and the consumption rating is 11km/h. The fuel tank capacity is 50 liters. AWD drive train gives it reliable handling. It comes in either 4-speed automatic transmission or 5-speed manual.

toyota liteace van interior hiace alternative

Recommended LiteAce Users

The Toyota LiteAce Van 1999 model going forward is built for the constant long distance traveler. The high ground clearance and well-built body makes it a good performer over all types of roads in the African continent.


The Toyota RegiusAce van, the Isuzu Como and the Nissan Caravan are without doubt the best Toyota Hiace alternatives because they come in the same, or almost the same size in terms of engine capacity, body build and interior space.

Toyota TownAce Van, Mazda Bongo, Toyota LiteAce Van and Nissan Vanette are the second best alternatives. They have smaller interior space and are therefore cheaper. What you buy for use in Africa will be determined by your needs and budget. All of the vans reviewed here are great Toyota HiAce alternatives.

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