Car Dashboard Care and Repair

Your car dashboard holds many of the gauges and warning lights that give you a glimpse into the health of your engine and essentials, as well as the state of things like speed. Keeping a keen eye on the dashboard will alert you to many problems and you can have them taken care of before they can escalate.  We already ran an article on the dashboard warning lights and what they mean, but this time round, we are looking at the common dashboard problems.

Ford C-MAX

If your car has a vinyl dashboard, it cracks with time and therefore it will need some repairs. Let us look at the best way to repair a cracked dashboard. You may or may not be able to do it alone. You can hire a professional to do it for you.

The kind of repair that you go for will depend on the kind of damage that the dashboard has sustained. It is thus very important for you to determine the kind of damage that your car has sustained. For example, if your dashboard was damaged during an accident, it will require a kind of repair that would be different from that of a dashboard that has been damaged due to exposure in the sun.

How to repair a dashboard that is damaged by exposure

It is best to prevent damage to your dashboard than to wait until it is damaged and repair it. You can start by caring for the topcoat to ensure that it remains intact. How can you do that? Keep it flexible and supple enough by using the right cleaning procedures. Every time that you clean the dashboard, it will wear away a bit and therefore you should clean it in the best way possible.

How do you go about washing the dashboard the right way? It is very easy. Warm some water and use it to clean the dashboard, actually kind of rinse it first with the water and then with mild soap and sponge or a piece of cloth, scrub gently without exerting pressure. If you can get a microfiber cleaning cloth, it will be better than a sponge. Get rid of stubborn stains with a brush that has soft bristles.


If there are cracks in the dashboard, you will need to find the dyes and fillers that you can use for the cracks in the dashboard. You can then use vinyl paint and the dash will look as good as new. Using sandpaper, sand the edges of the crack. Get some liquid metal filler or you can use cement mixture or epoxy. You can then use a vinyl dye to paint up the patches.

The dashboard is mostly made up of vinyl cover over urethane foam. The cover is prone to cracking and developing holes over time since it is always under the full glare of the sun. Therefore, if you would like to keep it in topnotch condition, you can buy a complete dashboard repair and sealant kit online and then repair small cracks and holes as soon as you notice them.

Why is it important to repair your dashboard?

Of course, a good looking smooth dashboard is great for aesthetics, and it can also help sell the car fast. However, apart from that, a cracked dashboard can store dust, mites and pollens that could provoke allergies in children, especially if you let your pets ride in your car. A car is not as good as the engine, but it is as good as it looks. You can keep your dashboard looking awesome by getting a dashboard cover for protection from exposure. If you notice any cracks, repair them as soon as possible.