Ecowash and Geowash: Environmentally Safe Car Wash Solutions

Can car washes go green? Water can be recycled. That is… you wash your car, spill water, the water evaporates, condenses and then it falls again as rain… but is there a more eco-friendly solution? Green car washes are already taking South Africa by storm, and it’s time that they take hold in Eastern Africa.


With the Sahara desert creeping fast to the south, we can be sure the “can water be depleted” story won’t be sweet and yes, water resources will get depleted.

Car washing uses a lot of water. Considering the fast growing number of car owners in South Eastern Africa, this puts a pressure on the already dwindling water resources, because 99.99% of them wash their cars the traditional way. However, thanks to technology, it is now possible to have green car wash service that uses minimal water and eco-friendly products. Geowash and Ecowash are two startup companies offering eco-friendly car wash services and products. Their goal is to use minimal water, pose little or no threats to the environment, but still give unmatched car wash services.

Support local entrepreneurs and protect the environment by using Geowash

Geowash is a locally established company serving the larger South Eastern Africa region. It offers efficient and environmentally friendly mobile car wash services to many clients who include corporate organizations, businesses, hotels and learning institutions. Using Geowash services will boost the revenues of local commercial car cleaners while conserving the environment. 

They also offer services to individual car owners in their residences. Instead of going through the hassles of washing your own car or spending the organization’s money to hire an on-site service which will cost plenty of money and water resources, call this green car wash provider. Their service delivery is unparalleled and they do not use much water.


What benefits will you enjoy if you hire this eco-friendly car wash provider?

• Fast service, very thorough too

• Help in the creation of employment for local youth. You know how scarce employment can be in Africa

• Help make the environment better. Really, it is time we Africans started to do something to save our resources from depletion. It is time we asked not what the resources can do for us, but what we can do for our ecosystem. Well, start by embracing green car wash.

• Call the car wash service when you need them only

• Be assured that the health of your car is intact because they will only use eco and car-friendly products. 

Protect your wallet and the environment – wash your car with Geowash

These are hard times especially for Africa… forget the hype that this is the only continent with massive natural resources. Let’s face it, Africa cannot yet feed all her population. Therefore whenever the opportunity to save money, no matter how little avails itself, you know you cannot let it pass.

Geowash has a robust car cleaning product and uses a technology that has been tried, tested and proven in the other parts of the world, and it works! Among their products and services, you will find packages for washing cart, aloe, palm and cycad. The variety makes it easy for car owners under all types of budgets can find something that fits their needs.

The traditional way of washing cars consumes a lot of water and electricity, making it one of the threats to the environment. Eco-friendly car wash is a great way of saving water and energy resources. Come end month and you will receive a low energy bill, save money and do one good turn for Mother Nature, you know, leave the world a much better place than you found it for the future generations. 

What do you know? You could get your mobile cart which by the way does not require you to connect it to a water source or electricity supply. Just get it and use it. On average, it is going to consume 4 liters of water. Now, compare that with the over 350 liters you would use on your car if you clean it at home, and you will see that this is a money saver.

Save money and go green with Ecowash

Ecowash gives you an opportunity to use only 300ml of product, yes product because it will be the only thing that you need to clean your car, wax and polish it. Think about the usual sanitizer that you find in hospitals. It is packaged as a total cleaning solution, such that once you use it, you will not need to clean your hands again. The Ecowash product for green car wash works in the same way. 

Ecowash invites people who work in car parks or in areas that have car parks to adopt their car washing packages, and start their own businesses. And this is indeed possible because they use technology to minimize labor, water and the time used for their green car wash. While this service is fast taking over the car wash market in South Africa, it is yet to catch up in other areas like the South Eastern Africa. If you choose to go for this… you will be one of their “Environmental Entrepreneurs” Program.

Do the math… you will be astounded! Clean your car at home and you are going to use not less than 360 liters of water! Commercial car cleaners use between 180 to 270 liters to clean one car. However, with eco wash equipment, you are going to use 300ml, yes 300ml of product for a very clean job of washing, polishing and cleaning your car.

save money and the environment with eco wash-- the eco friendly car wash

Ecowash is not only the best green car wash in the market, but it is also the most economical. Going by the aforementioned numbers, you will save thousands of liters of water every year. Now do the math, see how much money you will save. A lot? Thought so too! Don’t just buy an eco-friendly car, give it an eco-friendly car wash.

There… you now know where your money is going… it’s up to you whether you want to save it or waste it.