Guides To Maintain Your Car in Good Condition. Car Batteries, Lubrication, Wheel Alignment

You do not have to be a mechanic in order to ensure proper vehicle care. Nonetheless, there is some elementary knowledge that one needs to acquire and practice. No matter how strong a vehicle is, if it is not properly maintained it will not live its full life expectancy. Successful vehicle maintenance hinges on planning a maintenance schedule. A schedule will help as reminder because no matter how sharp the mind is, it will forget. You could put your schedule reminder to alarm on your phone. However, it is realizing and appreciating the value that good vehicle maintenance yields that will motivate your commitment.
When a vehicle is appropriately maintained, it performs satisfactorily. Its engine efficiency serves on costs as vehicle servicing restores optimal fuel consumption. Above all, proper vehicle service ensures vehicle safety which invariably reduces road carnage. Vehicle fitness will also help prevent loss of time and its associated economic value through unnecessary breakdowns.

Regular Vehicle Checks

The beginning of a good vehicle maintenance is a regular check. Regularly carry out vehicle checks. There are two kinds of routine vehicle checks. The foremost vehicle guide is on the dashboard. A driver must pay regular attention to this platform. This is the board that displays vehicle condition about engine temperature, battery charging system, fuel and oil level and electronic system. The other checks should be on the physical car itself. Make two or three physical engine check on a weekly basis. Engine oil is the most important liquid to monitor on a vehicle. The following are the recommended checklists before starting your vehicle. Ensure that engine oil level does not fall below the prescribed marked levels. Pull out the dipstick and then insert the dipstick after wiping it clean. In this way, you will get the true engine oil level. Furthermore, check for water, brake fluid and hydraulic oil and where necessary refill to recommended measure.

Car Batteries

Technological advancement has brought about maintenance free batteries. However, ordinary batteries are still around. Check the battery acid level. Ensure that there is no build up of corrosion around the battery terminals. If there is any corrosion simply scrub it off with sandpaper. Thereafter apply a thin layer of Petroleum Jelly. This conducts electricity but also prevents further corrosion. If the acid level has dwindled, resist the temptation to use cheaper tap water. Instead buy distilled water and replenish. Make sure that the top surface of the battery is dry, wiped clean of any acid spill. Click here to see battery stocks.


Most of the vehicle parts are made of different metal parts. These continuously rub off each other thereby causing friction. Thus it is important to ensure proper greasing and lubrication. However, there are vehicle parts which an ordinary driver or vehicle owner may not access. This is the more reason that self-servicing at home may be discouraged. One needs to use both do-it-yourself-service and professional industrial service.

Wheel Alignment

You cannot do wheel alignment at your home garage but can schedule for it. This is a procedure of setting up wheels so as to line up to manufacturer’s specification. If this is not done, tyres wear out faster and easily. This has bearing on the ball joints and CV joints life span. It is recommended that every five thousand kilometers a vehicle is scheduled for re-alignment.
Keep tyres inflated at the prescribed pressure. Proper tyre pressure is essential for good fuel consumption and braking. Every tyre size has an inscription on it of the relevant pressure measure.
Exterior and interior body care
Regularly wash the vehicle and apply wax to maintain its metallic paint luster. Keep vehicle under a shade from intense hot weather where possible. Use a screen wind shield to protect the dashboard from the hot sun. Also apply wax on the dash. Both these measures will jointly prevent cracking and wearing off.
Where there is love, there is care. Love your vehicle and so care for it very well. A sound car is your safety and brings peace of mind.

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