How To Maintain Your Car In Good Condition

How To Maintain Your Car In Good Condition

How To Maintain Your Car In Good ConditionBy Mr.TinDC

Basic Car Maintenance Tips

The excitement that comes with buying a new car is something that can never be fully expressed here, however it brings with it that great joy and sense of self-worth knowing that the wheels you are driving are yours and not really going anywhere without you or your approval. It creates that satisfaction of having really worked yourself and now you are seeing the fruits of your labour. However, there are certain basics that one ought to know when it comes to maintaining your car in a good condition. A vehicle is a machine that needs constant maintenance in order to prolong its life span and really see your money’s worth. If looked after well, you will find that a car is really something that cannot give you much of a problem as every timely service and maintenance of it prolongs its life span without you digging deep in your pockets to sort out whatever problem that may arise.

3 Important Things to Check on Your Car Regularly

1. Engine Oil

Before you switch on your car ignition, it is very important to first of all check the level of engine oil in the engine. You can check the status of your oil with the dipstick, which is marked to show where the appropriate level of the oil should be. In order to clearly see the level of the oil, remove the dipstick and clean it off and then replace it before pulling it out for the second time. Upon pulling it out for the second time, check to make sure that the oil is within the limits and is not dark in colour or viscous. Dark engine oil always signifies over usage and it’s always important to replenish it with new oil. Engine oil should be changed based on the car manufacturer’s recommendations and this information can normally be indicated in the car owner’s manual. Typically, this can be done between 3,000 to 10,000 miles. Another fluid that can be regularly checked is the coolant or anti-freeze, the coolant plays a very important role of preventing the car from overheating. You can actually monitor the temperature gauge on the dashboard. In instances when you are experiencing overheating of the engine you should always stop driving your vehicle so it can cool down and consider changing the coolant. If that does not sort the problem then it’s advisable to check all tubing and pipes for leakages.

2. Break Fluid

Brake fluid is also another fluid that one ought to pay attention to. This fluid is very important and it’s one of the safety features of the car as without the fluid the hydraulic brake system cannot operate. Always ensure that this fluid is flushed out and replenished with new fluid as most people tend to forget about replacing it from time to time. Washer fluid is also vital in that it keeps your field of vision clear when driving and this needs to be replenished from time to time. Apart from that, it really helps in off road trips as different types of weather come with different challenges in terms of rains, snow, dirt and mud. That brings also the issue of always ensuring that wiper blades are also in good condition.

3. Tire Pressure

Another issue that we normally forget to check every morning when rushing to work or some places is car tire pressure. Tire pressure is very important in that it affects not only your speed but fuel consumption of a vehicle also increases with an inflated tire as the engine always burns more fuel with inflated tires than at normal pressure. In conclusion I would say that paying particular attention to how your vehicle sounds and feels is very important as there is always something wrong whenever there is a change of sound. There are typically signs of any problems whether a dashboard light comes on or you notice a leak or smoke, or strange or unusual smells can also alert you to any issue and should be addressed as soon as possible.

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