OTIWEO? Car Maintenance Checklist To Keep Your Car in Good Condition

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Often you wonder how come an old car can still go so strongly, going into hundreds of thousands of kilometres while some new cars can be breaking down here and there. Could it be the fact that other car brands are tougher than others? It could be but the main reasons some cars go further and travel hundreds of thousands of kilometres is because of good maintenance. We need to maintain our cars in good condition so that they last longer and they go further.Maintaining your car in good condition is achieved through the acronym OTIWEO which stands for Oil, Tyres, Interior, Windows, Engine and others.

1. Oil

Oil is what keeps your engine running. It is the blood for your vehicle. Without oil, engine parts will wear each other out destroying component parts. Each day, you need to ensure that the oil level is within acceptable limits. Most, if not all, vehicles have an easy to reach dip stick to check the oil level. If you remove the dip stick, after the car has been off for more than an hour, you can see the oil level, if it shows there is oil on the acceptable level on the dip stick, you are okay but if the dip stick comes out dry, you need to fill it up right away. The dashboard also has a check oil light, if that turns red, you need to add oil right away, it’s even advisable to park abruptly and find oil.

2. Tyres

Your tyres are also very important as they mean life and death, for your car, you, and others. Always check that your tyres have enough treads. If they do not have enough grip, you risk making your car increase its stopping distance, this is very dangerous as you may be involved in accidents due to that. Your car needs to be properly aligned to ensure the tyres last longer and this also saves on fuel.

3. Interior

Apart from cleaning your vehicle from time to time to keep it in tip top condition, one also needs to check the dashboard for warning signs. These include the oil check, fuel check and engine check light. If the fuel light is on, you need to find a fuel station otherwise you’ll run out of fuel and constant running out of fuel may kill your fuel filter. The engine check light and oil check light should never be left on, make sure you attend to the engine immediately.

4. Windscreen

Ensure your windscreen has no cracks. If a small crack develops, have it stopped immediately to avoid the further worsening of the crack. Responsible driving will ensure the crack doesn’t develop further.

5. Engine

Make sure your engine is running smoothly by regular check of fluids that include, brake fluid, automatic transmission fluid (for automatic vehicles), anti-coolant and oil. If your engine develops an unfamiliar sound, have it checked by a professional. This will help in making sure undetected problems are tended to.

6. Others

Make sure that you check other things, that include the battery oil and acid as well as the terminals to ensure that your battery is always working, lights need to be checked regularly.

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