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When buying a car, one of the factors that should govern your search include your specific needs. For instance, you need to consider where you will be driving your new car. If you are choosing a car for long distance drives, you will need a car with adequate features to handle long distances without breaking down. On the other hand, when selecting a vehicle for city driving, you only have a few factors to consider. Actually most car models will be applicable in driving around the city and its suburbs.

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What features are paramount in long distance cars?

First, when driving over long distances for a vacation, comfort is paramount. Sitting in the car for several hours can be very tiring in an uncomfortable car. Comfortable seats, easy to handle steering system and other comfort features will ensure that your journey is interesting and safe.

Not every car model is a good option for long distance drives. A car with good gas mileage is important for long distance travelers. While it is great to stop occasionally to catch some air, it becomes a nuisance when you have to stop very often to refill. Therefore, if a car can combine both comfort and gas mileage, it will be a perfect choice for long distance driving.

SUVs have been used in covering long distances. Their large size and their unparalleled legroom make them the best cars to use for long distance drives. Conversely, compact cars are good for city driving. While they may provide better gas mileage on longer distance trips, the smaller size can limit legroom for the long haul. When children are involved, a larger car is much better. They can have some fun in the back there as you drive.

Consider the rate of consumption of the car you want to buy. The more km/l it can deliver the better. Look for 14 km/l to 18km/l, or higher if you get lucky. Long distance travel doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg in fuel.

Cars for city driving

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In a metropolitan city where traffic is busy, safety becomes an important consideration when choosing a car. Driving in the city is not easy. You may have to make many unexpected stops. The cities are jam-packed most of the time, and you cannot drive as fast as you would on the highway.

Fuel efficiency is a major factor, which should be considered when looking for a vehicle to drive in town. Unlike in the long distance drives where it is less common to encounter traffic jams, it is the order of the day in the city. In the city, you need a car that has a high city rating for km/l. For example, a car that can deliver 11km/l or above in the city will be very good.

When driving in the city, you will probably need a car that is an all-in-one. What does this mean? You will need good cargo space, great braking system, great steering and a car that can handle well in small spaces. What you need is a car that you can park easily, and probably one that has parking assist system, blind spot monitoring and such. City dwellers are busy people, and they even drink on the move. Thus, other features like cup-holders are paramount.

Selecting the best car for long distance driving will be parallel to choosing a city car. For the former, comfort and good gas mileage are important. On the contrary, city driving requires a vehicle with adequate safety features to help avoid accidents in the busy environment, which is characterized by heavy traffic and a lot of pedestrians.

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