How to Lower Taxes and Duty When Importing to Zambia

by Mutimba Musonda in Zambia

There are many challenges that come with importing a used car to Zambia, from finding the right car to making sure the shipping process goes smoothly. Unfortunately, as a landlocked nation in the southern region of Africa, Zambia happens to have one of the highest costs of importation due to lack of direct access to ports.

Distance is also another cost factor, as the nearest port is Dar es Salaam in Tanzania while other options are in Mozambique, Durban in South Africa, and Namibia through Walvis Bay. With the varying costs between each, it’s important to prepare and calculate taxes and duty before deciding to buy a car online.

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How to Import a Car to Uganda: VAT, Duties & Delivery (Updated for 2018)

How to Import a Used Car to Uganda - BE FORWARD

by Barasa Oluru Protus, BE FORWARD Customer from Uganda

When buying and importing cars from Japan to Uganda, it’s important to consider the costs of shipping and taxes and plan ahead to calculate the total cost. In this article, I give details about my personal experience importing a Japanese used car to Uganda through Kenya with BE FORWARD.

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Essential Guide to Importing Your First Japanese Used Car to Zimbabwe

How to Buy a Car in Zimbabwe

by Bruce Nyakusengwa

In late 2015, I purchased my first ever vehicle from BE FORWARD. It was a 1980cc, 1999 Toyota Altezza, a sports-like car any man of my age could be proud of owning. For as low as US$1850, I bought the car and had it shipped to Dar es Salaam, as it was the nearest port to Victoria Falls, my town of residency.

Are you considering importing your first Japanese used car to Zimbabwe? In this article I explain my own personal experience, as well as the payment processes and total duty costs that incurred in order to have my Altezza safely shipped, picked up, and registered.

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How To Import Used Cars In Zambia | Do You Know The Payment Process, Import Duty?


This article is written by BE FORWARD Supporters ID 235466 Mutimba Musonda in Zambia from his experience.
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Reasons You Should Use BE FORWARD to Import Used Cars In Zambia

In a Landlocked Country like Zambia there are many challenges that come with importation of Vehicles in our country, the challenges that one has to endure are many and it often calls for patience and proper cost analysis to cover all expenses involved in importation of a vehicle.

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How To Import Used Cars to Malawi: Understanding Taxes and Total Cost

This article is written based on the experience of BE FORWARD Supporters ID 70335 Delvin Chikaonda in Malawi.
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How to Buy Your Dream Car in Malawi

Fear of losing cash is what all people have to deal with on a daily basis. From our highly respected and paid chief executives to lower earning Malawian citizens, it is a common concern.

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Import a Car to Zambia Q&A: Duty, Levies & Shipping (Updated for 2018)

How to Import a Car From Japan to Zambia

In recent years, many Zambians have started to import used cars from Japan, due to their low cost and guaranteed reliability. However, it is important to thoroughly research and calculate the multiple factors that can influence the overall cost of the car that you import. These factors include the age of that particular car, import duties and levies set about by the Zambia Revenue Authority, and clearance and delivery fees.

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How to Import a Car to Tanzania: VAT & Duties (Updated for 2018)

For Tanzanians, Japanese used cars are an excellent choice to save money without sacrificing time-tested quality. However, before importing a Japanese used car to Tanzania, it is important to understand the import duties and regulations as well as other costs involved that are set about by the Tanzania Revenue Authority car import tax office.

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