Honda Accord – 1976 – 2022 Model Year Differences and Improvements

honda accord model year differences and improvements

The Honda Accord is a car produced by the Japanese automotive manufacturer Honda since 1976. The Accord was originally a hatchback, but later the lineup consisted of sedans, coupes, and wagons. The most famous of these is the four-door sedan model, one of the best-selling cars in the North American market since 1989. Since its … Read more

10 Best Lexus Cars with Great Fuel Economy


Lexus, the luxury brand of Toyota Motors, specializes in crafting high-quality, dependable, contemporary, and fuel-efficient vehicles. As one of the leading and most popular luxury brands, Lexus offers a range of powerful engines, fuel efficiency, and affordability that appeal to customers seeking the latest models or pre-owned cars. Now, let’s delve into the discussion of … Read more