HOW to Order via Buy Now? (for Desktop)

STEP 1 : Login to your BE FORWARD Account

You need to Login to your BE FORWARD Account to be able to use the BUY NOW feature.
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STEP 2: Search for the vehicle you wish to buy

Use our search box to find a vehicle that suits your needs. Click “Search”.

STEP 3: Select the vehicle you want to reserve

Click on your chosen vehicle, and it will lead you to the vehicle page.

STEP 4: Select your Country, Port and Additional Options.

At the vehicle page, you will see the Delivery Options menu. Select your Country, Port and Additional Options, and the system will automatically compute for the total price. If you have a discount coupon code, or a BFS ID, you may enter here as well.

STEP 5: Click the “BUY NOW” button

Below the Delivery Options, you will see the “BUY NOW” button. Details about the Buy Now discount is also shown. If you agree with the details and price, click the “BUY NOW” button to proceed.

STEP 6: Input your details

Input the necessary details such as the consignee details and payment schedule, and then confirm the price. Once done, Click “Continue”
(Consignee is the vehicle’s owner-to-be. Please make sure input the FULL name and contact details)

STEP 7: Place your order

Upon confirming the details, Tick the “I agree” box and then Click the “PLACE THE ORDER” button to complete your order.

STEP 8: Order Request Complete

Congratulations on your reservation! Please make sure to pay and send us the proof of payment within the stated time frame to keep your vehicle reserved, and to avoid having order restrictions. 

STEP 9: Review Your Order/ Upload your Proof of Payment

Click “View Orders” and you will be directed to the “Proforma Invoices (PI)” page. You can do the following with this Page:
> PI Download: Download the invoice. The bank details needed for bank wire transfer is written here.
> Upload Bank Slip (TT copy): After making the payment, please upload the proof of payment here.
> Pay with PayPal (Optional): Besides bank wire transfer, you can also pay via PayPal. Click this button to pay via PayPal.

In addition, you can also change your consignee details (Change Consignee) and cancel your order (Cancel Order)


TIP: You can access the “Proforma Invoices (PI)” page from your BE FORWARD Account anytime to keep track of your orders!

From the BE FORWARD website, Click “Account” -> “Proforma Invoices” (under the “Orders” section)

Click below and BUY your vehicle NOW!


NOTE: You need to login to your verified BE FORWARD Account to be able to use BUY NOW feature.

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