How to Import a Car to Tanzania: VAT & Duties (Updated for 2018)

For Tanzanians, Japanese used cars are an excellent choice to save money without sacrificing time-tested quality. However, before importing a Japanese used car to Tanzania, it is important to understand the import duties and regulations as well as other costs involved that are set about by the Tanzania Revenue Authority car import tax office.

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Toyota Corolla vs. Toyota Sprinter: A Brief History

With the price of gasoline almost on a continuous rise, the world market for small sedans have never been better, and suppliers of compact cars have been battling it out for supremacy on the world scene.

The Toyota Corolla is known as the world’s best-selling vehicle, having sold over 40 million units since its introduction, and has evolved into a number of different models and editions. Here we take a look at the history of the original Toyota Corolla sedan and its big brother, the Toyota Sprinter sedan in more detail.

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Most Sought After Luxury Cars in Africa – Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi

Among a fleet of more economical Toyota, Volkswagen, and Ford vehicles, which are the best-selling vehicles today in Africa, you’ll also find luxury cars becoming more common. Rich Africans are looking more and more to separate themselves from drivers of lesser vehicles, by buying luxury vehicles that are out of reach of the average African. New models from Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Land Rover, and Porsche, to name a few, are sometimes selling within 24 hours of being displayed on the dealership’s showroom floors. Africans know what they want in a luxury car and those who have the cash on hand don’t waste any time in getting their very own stately luxury vehicle.

BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz

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Nissan Caravan vs. Toyota HiAce Van: People Mover Car Comparison

Designed as light commercial fleet vehicles, both the Nissan Caravan and Toyota HiAce vans certainly look the part, with simple and functional design features, making them useful and practical. Looking at the two vehicles, you may notice that they share a similar boxy shape, made to maximise interior space for cargo, whether that cargo is goods stacked on pallets, or passengers. But with all these similarities, what sets these two vans apart? We take a closer look in this Nissan Caravan vs. Toyota HiAce comparison review.

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Top 3 Crossover Used SUVs Under $3,000

Best Crossover SUVs Under $3,000 - BE FORWARD

Crossover SUVs are more economical than their full-size cousins, but more capable than sedans or station wagons. You can carry your family around in it as well as you can carry the materials for your weekend project in the garden. Also, because of their height and typical four-wheel or all-wheel drive setup, they are nearly perfect for the rough terrain that’s found outside the cities and towns that many of us live in.

Today, there are a number of companies making crossover SUVs, ranging across the board, from economy to luxury brands. As amazing as it may seem, perhaps you might consider one of these three used crossovers that you can get for less than $3,000.

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Why is Africa the Largest Importer of Japanese Used Cars?

Why Do Africans Love Japanese Used Cars?

Africa is the second largest continent in the world in terms of size and population. Did you know that more than 15% of the global population are living there? This forms a very lucrative market for used cars in Africa. Africa is served by the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea to the north, the Indian Ocean to the east and the Atlantic Ocean to the south and the west. These waterways are the main trade routes that connect Africa and her trade partners around the world. It is no wonder then, that this continent has emerged as the largest importer of Japanese second hand cars.

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The BMW Blaster – South Africa’s Flamethrowing Car

Remembering BMW Blaster

Ever heard of a flamethrower car? In the late ’90s, South Africa made great strides as a nation just liberated from colonialism, emerging from the entrapment of their political situation, and searching for a new national identity. However, somewhere along the way, it rose to the top of the list as the most crime-ridden country in the world, and carjacking in South Africa was at an all time high. This serious security risk on the roads led to the invention of the 1998 BMW Blaster, also known as the Flamethrower.

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BE FORWARD Tanzania – One Year Anniversary Party!

A party was held in Tanzania last week on November 2nd, 2013 to celebrate BE FORWARD Tanzania’s one year anniversary! Zanzibar’s Second Vice- President Ambassador Seif Ali Iddi honored us with his attendance along with other distinguished guests. BE FORWARD President, Hironori Yamakawa, accompanied by other BE FORWARD Japan team members were also present to congratulate the BE FORWARD Tanzania … Read more

New Zealand Man Saves $4,000 On A Car With BE FORWARD

BE FORWARD was recently featured on a New Zealand news site! A summary of the article can be found below: William Findlay, a graduate lawyer from Wellington, recently imported a 2005 Mazda Axela Sport through Be Forward’s service. At first, William searched the internet for cars he could purchase domestically, but determined that he would … Read more