17th Edition – Auto Expo Africa 2014 in Kenya

Automobiles, including everything from scooters to earth movers, and economy cars to luxury vehicles, are becoming more widespread in Africa. Those who maintain and repair them have more work on their hands than ever, and with the proper tools and supplies, automobile dealers and independent repair shops can keep these vehicles running for years to come. Of course, what good are spare parts and shop supplies if a shop owner doesn’t know where to get them?

Auto Expo Africa 2014

Perhaps the best place to find out will be at this year’s 17th Edition – Auto Expo Africa 2014, at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC), in Nairobi, Kenya. From April 27-29, 2014, companies from twenty-five countries will converge in East Africa to participate in what is expected to be the biggest, and most-successful, Auto Expo Africa since its inception in 1998.

At least sixty-five major companies, from all over the world, will be showing off the latest in automobile technology, as well as automotive-related parts, supplies, and equipment, in five major categories of the exhibition: Tyres & Batteries, Body & Spare Parts, Garage & Fuel Station Tools & Equipment, Oils & Lubricants, and Accessories & Security Products. Here is a small sampling of some of the companies showing at this year’s trade show.

Toyomoto Tire Corporation – Tokyo, Japan

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Toyomoto technology is put to work in manufacturing plants in China and Saudi Arabia, among others. Toyomoto tires are made to match the demands of vehicles from passenger cars to earthmovers, and everything in between.

Aside from manufacturing tyres, Toyomoto Tire Corporation is also an expert in tyre retailing, installation, and recycling, marketing its tyres under both the Toyomoto Japan and M&M brands.

Propshaft Master – Johannesburg, South Africa

In any vehicle, power needs to transfer from the engine and transmission to the wheels, and that’s where Propshaft Master comes in. Over twenty years ago, established in South Africa, this company specializes in all kinds of propeller shafts, including those for highway trucks and heavy equipment, and is an authorized distributor of many original brand manufacturer propshafts.

Propshaft Master both manufactures and re-manufactures propshafts for all makes of light- and heavy-duty trucks, both local and imported. Additionally, they also custom-build propshafts for any application, including custom off-road vehicles and equipment.

Ichiban Everstar Friction Company – Ningguo China

Ichiban Everstar specializes in brake pads and shoes for practically every make and model of automobile and light truck, as well as some buses and motorcycles.

Ichiban’s brake products are tested and certified to meet or exceed manufacturer specifications regarding stopping performance, wearability, and noise characteristics. Ichiban’s distribution network is worldwide, under the Hi-Stop brand name.

Unique Part Trading, LLC – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Established in 1992, this company first started out as a car parts trading company for Dubai and the surrounding areas, importing spare parts from practically every major automaker and heavy equipment manufacturer. Eventually, the company expanded to export these same products to East Africa and beyond.

Unique Part Trading, LLC trades in spare parts for Japanese trucks, including Fuso, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Hino, Toyota, Nissan, and Mazda. They carry replacement parts for the engine, clutch, brake, and driveline, as well as maintenance parts, such as accessory and fan belts, coolant hoses, air filters, and spark plugs, among others.

Kwik Patch Limited – Chennai, India

A joint venture of Myers Industries USA, in India, Kwik Patch Limited specializes in every stage of tyre repair, from patching and vulcanizing to retreading. The dangers of the road take their toll on tyres of every type, and Kwik Patch provides the tools, chemicals, and training, to make a safe tyre repair every time.

Kwik Patch’s pre-cured rubber for retreading resists aging and wear, which maximizes the life of the new tread, as well as providing good wet traction and excellent fuel economy. Kwik Patch also supplies balancing weights and tyre valves for practically every application.

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Visitors Welcome!

If you trade in car parts or use car parts, then Auto Expo Africa 2014 is where you are going to want to be to take advantage of everthing this exhibition has to offer. Visitors to the Expo will include: automobile dealerships, importers and exporters of car parts, automobile service centers and refueling station operators, finance and insurance companies, and government transportation, traffic, and licensing authorities, to name a few.

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