Toyota Vitz 2001-2023: Grades Comparison Model by year

toyota vitz model year differences

Toyota Vitz is a 3- or 5-door subcompact hatchback manufactured by the Japanese automotive manufacturer Toyota in 1998.  Toyota has sold over 3.5 million units all over the world since its introduction in 1998. Toyota Vitz which is also known as the Toyota Yaris in different countries was awarded “Car of the Year 1999-2000” in … Read more

Toyota Prius Models by Year: 2006-2023

Toyota prius thumnail blog

The Toyota Prius is Comfortable and extremely dependable. It is sold in almost 80 countries and regions, known for being economical and environmentally friendly. But which model year should you choose? Let’s take a look at the Prius’ changes over the years to help you choose. 2010 Toyota Prius Background The production of the third-generation … Read more

Suzuki Swift Review: 1983-2021 Model Features Improvement and Changes

suzuki swift model year differences

Introduction The Suzuki Swift has won numerous awards including the 2006 Annual RJC Car of the Year and, perhaps more interestingly, The Most Fun Car to Drive in Japan. This comes as no surprise since the Swift features exceptional handling and performance. Of course, it also achieves excellent fuel economy and has a low cost … Read more

Land Rover Range Rover Sport Review: 2006-2012 Model Year Changes and Differences

Land Rover Range Rover Sport

The Range Rover Sport takes a sophisticated and versatile approach to the on-road-off-road scene, bringing Land Rover’s  off-road vehicles to a whole new level. The Range Rover Sport is the brand’s first foray into the SUV category, and it has made a strong statement on the road. The Sport is the British 4WD manufacturer’s first vehicle with an emphasis on on-road capability while still bearing the brand’s trademark off-road mastery.

How has this adventurous suburbanite’s favorite SUV improved over the years? Let’s take a look at key years 2006 through 2012 to find out.

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Hyundai Porter Review: 2011-2018 Model Year Changes and Differences

Hyundai Porter

For customers who need a simple, no-fuss way to carry cargo, the Hyundai Porter has been a steadfast staple since 1977. Add its reputation for reliability to a very reasonable price and it’s easy to see why Hyundai continues to develop this beloved model, satisfying global market needs even 40 years after its debut.

Which model years stand out the most? Keep reading to see what the Porter has in store from 2001 through 2018.

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Top 6 Used Subaru Models on the Market

Top 6 Used Subaru Models on the Market

If you’re looking for reliability and affordability on your next car purchase, then Subaru is the way to go. First having risen to prominence as a fantastic all-wheel-drive maker, Subaru also offers great cost of ownership. Other than great versatility and a wide range of customization, this is because of the fact that their value … Read more