Our Top 3 Best-Selling Commercial Vans

top 3 commercial vans

Picking the right commercial van can be harder than you think. On the surface it looks easy. All you need to do is find one that has enough cargo space to handle your average daily volume. Simple, right? Not quite, unfortunately. There is dependability to consider; and dependability leads you to worry about parts availability, which inevitably leads to wondering about the costs of repairs.

The next thing you know, you have to worry about getting a good return on your investment by looking at the purchase price. To save you some time, we’d like to introduce 3 of the best-selling used vans on the market that fit all of these needs.

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Choosing the Best Engine Size for Your Next Used Car

by Mutimba Musonda from Zambia

When it comes to shopping around for a new vehicle it is very important to know the engine size in a car as most cars are advertised with different types of engines. Understanding the variations between different engine sizes will help you to make an informed and solid decision, and one way in which you can do that is by checking the CC capacity of the car.

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5 of the Best Nissan Vehicles You Can Buy Right Now

The Nissan Motor Company can trace its heritage to the Kwaishinsha Motor Car Works, Japan’s first automaker. By 1914, Kwaishinsha Motor Car Works was producing the DAT, a car that eventually became the first Datsun. After several mergers and buyouts, Nissan Motors emerged in 1934.

The first Nissan badged cars were produced in 1935. The rest is, as they say, history. Today, Nissan is the sixth largest automaker in the world, by global sales. Let’s have a look at 5 models that may be the solution to your personal needs or the needs of your company.

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Nissan Caravan vs. Toyota HiAce Van: People Mover Car Comparison

Designed as light commercial fleet vehicles, both the Nissan Caravan and Toyota HiAce vans certainly look the part, with simple and functional design features, making them useful and practical. Looking at the two vehicles, you may notice that they share a similar boxy shape, made to maximise interior space for cargo, whether that cargo is goods stacked on pallets, or passengers. But with all these similarities, what sets these two vans apart? We take a closer look in this Nissan Caravan vs. Toyota HiAce comparison review.

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