BE FORWARD’s Top Trucks Under $3,000

Buying a truck is an important decision for many kinds of businesses. There are many things to consider, but one that is often considered above all others is price. What might come as a surprise is that there are many high-quality, low-cost used trucks that you can buy right now for under $3,000!

Whether you are starting a business or are expanding an established one, a secondhand truck is what you need to take your company to the next level. To get you started, here are 5 of the best used trucks you can buy on BE FORWARD for under $3,000.

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Top 5 Commercial Trucks For Your Business

top 5 business commercial trucks in africa from BE FORWARD

For the men and women tasked with buying a dependable truck that their workers can use every day, much more thought has to go into every commercial truck they consider. People like you have to consider a truck’s cargo capacity, towing capacity, cab size, engine size, fuel type, a truck’s reputation for durability, and whether the truck is an economic purchase.

There are dozens of commercial truck nameplates screaming for the attention of every purchasing agent. At BE FORWARD, we have nearly 1,000 in stock. Even with 1,000 units in our inventory, there are several that we feel are versatile enough to meet the needs of a wide array of buyers. Let’s have a look at 5 commercial used trucks that may well meet your needs.

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How to Properly Maintain Your Truck or Bus

by Mutimba Musonda in Zambia

Major construction sites and corporations around the globe rely on their vehicles to get the job done. However, with every use of these machines comes the task of maintaining them in order for them to function at their normal levels. Trucks and buses move on an almost daily basis with wear and tear being applied to them frequently, and they need to be serviced regularly to avoid accelerated levels of breakdown. Here, we take a look at some basic tips on what to check and keep an eye on when using your truck or bus to help keep it in top shape.

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