A Quick Look At The 2016 Ferrari 488 Spider


The architectural guru Ludwig Mies van der Rohe once said, ” God is in the details.” Looking at the 2016 Ferrari 488 Spider, you would think he was gushing about it; but alas, he was talking about architecture. The 488 Spider shares many details with its traditional cousin the 488 GTB, sans the top. Perhaps it looks like many other Italian supercars; however, driving one is like roping the wind and not wanting to let go. Not long ago, buying a Ferrari with an open top meant making significant sacrifices: not just the increased risk of skin cancer and catching a much younger wife, then losing the Ferrari to said younger wife in a divorce. The 2016 Spider has changed all of that, well just the sacrifices in performance…the younger wife scenario is still a very real possibility! While many of us will never see a 488 Spider, let alone drive one, we have reviews to live through. To that end, tallyho!

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