Best 5 Used Cars for Off-Road Driving

5 best off-road suvs

If you live in Africa, then you know that the rough conditions of most upcountry roads require a compact off-road vehicle that can withstand the hefty jostling while also being able to reliably serve you for many years. Off-road vehicles have higher ground clearance, are more spacious, and can take the beating of tough terrain. In addition, it is easy to find spare parts for most Japanese vehicles when you need to make a quick fix.

If you are looking for a smooth riding experience for your day-to-day car that can also be used as a regular family car, you have come to the right place. Keep reading as we highlight 5 of the best used cars for off-road driving.

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Our Top 4 Toyota Family SUVs

Automakers have even been so courteous as to create the ”crossover” so that they could graciously offer the perfect SUV to as many buyers as possible. With such a glut of offerings on the market today, buyers can be easily overwhelmed with information and opinions.

That is why we have decided to bring you a short list of Toyota SUVs that may be right for you. We will start with a compact SUV before working our way through a several of Toyota’s mid-sized offerings, all of which are capable of transporting your family around town or over land.

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Top 5 Recommended SUV In Malawi

Suitable Wheels for Africa’s Rugged and Meandering Roads

Most roads in Africa are not tarred and are poorly graded. What choice of vehicle befits these rugged meandering roads? During rainy season these roads become slippery requiring great skidding power. This is the more reason that those four-wheel drive vehicles are ideal for African conditions .

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Toyota Hilux Surf (4Runner) Review: A Capable SUV

toyota hilux surf review

Today, the Toyota Hilux Surf, also called the Toyota 4Runner in some countries, is a midsize sport utility vehicle (SUV), but it wasn’t always that way. In the beginning, the Surf was little more than a compact Toyota pickup truck with the back of the cab removed, a couple of seats added in the rear, and a fiberglass cap. Eventually, the Surf underwent some major transformations to become one of the most capable SUVs available.

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