Going Off Road? 9 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Ride in Top Shape!

Off-roading is more than splashing a little bit of mud up onto your bonnet. It is churning sand, throwing mud, climbing rocks, skirting around trees, and fording streams. Going off-road is a way of life, a mantra, a means of being. In a way, you must commune with the terrain around you and know the capabilities and limitations of your ride.

Often, regular vehicle maintenance will help you avoid breaking down while enjoying a weekend off-road and warn you of an impending repair before it becomes critical or damages other areas of your car. With this, here are 9 maintenance tips for going off-road that will help you keep your 4×4 out of the repair shop and in the dirt where it belongs.

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Africa’s Choice: The Continent’s Top Toyota Models

“Sell this? We wouldn’t dare!”, says Mr. Mureithi, a primary school teacher in Central Kenya. “It has been in the family for more than 15 years now, and it still runs as good as new,” speaking of his old blue Toyota Hilux pickup. In Africa, those lucky enough to own cars treat them like heirlooms.

In Africa, Toyota is synonymous with off-road terrains, especially for humanitarian organizations that have to reach people in the remote interiors. In many ways, since its establishment in 1936, Toyota has been changing lives all over the world. However, it is in Africa where the positive impacts of this brand name have been felt the most. It is the everyday car for the urban family, for farm work, law keeping, tourism, hardware, and various other businesses.

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Toyota Makes the Best-Selling Cars In New Zealand

Take a look around, and you’ll probably see a lot of Toyota vehicles on the road. This really should be no surprise, since Toyota makes some of the most-reliable vehicles. This means they stay on the road longer. Not everyone likes buying a new car every three years, or making expensive repairs every few months. In New Zealand, Toyota, including the Lexus luxury line, has been the best-selling brand for 26 years running. For 2013, Toyota / Lexus captured 21.4% of sales, just under the combined sales of Ford and Holden.

In fact, three of the top six best-selling cars in New Zealand are Toyotas, including the Toyota Corolla, in its sixth year at number one, the Toyota HiLux, now 32 years as the best-selling commercial vehicle, and the Toyota RAV4, in sixth place. Ford Ranger came in third, but just barely, Suzuki Swift came in fourth, and Holden Commodore came in fifth in total vehicle sales for New Zealand in 2013.


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