Best Compact Crossover SUVs 2023

Best Compact Crossover SUVs 2023 Illustration

The compact crossover SUV is designed to seamlessly blend a traditional saloon with an SUV. The melding creates a mixture of daily utility and mild off-road capabilities, yet leaves drivers with a more refined driving experience of a car.

They seamlessly blend the utility of a sedan with the capabilities of an SUV, offering better fuel economy than their truck-based predecessors. Here are our top 10 picks.

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Hyundai Porter Review: 2011-2018 Model Year Changes and Differences

Hyundai Porter

For customers who need a simple, no-fuss way to carry cargo, the Hyundai Porter has been a steadfast staple since 1977. Add its reputation for reliability to a very reasonable price and it’s easy to see why Hyundai continues to develop this beloved model, satisfying global market needs even 40 years after its debut.

Which model years stand out the most? Keep reading to see what the Porter has in store from 2001 through 2018.

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BE FORWARD’s 5 Best-selling Manual SUVs Under $5,000

5 Marvelous Manual SUVs Under $5,000 - BE FORWARD

For those in the market for a used manual car, one of the top choices of car type for many would have to be the SUV. With the addition of 4WD capabilities, it could be said that you are only truly unleashing the power of your SUV when it runs on manual gears. Think that manual SUVs are more expensive than their automatic counterparts? Think again! For the love of the clutch and the stick, here are 5 of BE FORWARD’s best-selling used manual SUVs under $5,000, which also happen to be some of the best cheap manual cars on the market.

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5 Left-Hand Drive Cars Definitely Worth Your Consideration


Left-hand drive cars are not the norm in many countries. That may seem shocking to those born in a left-hand drive nation. On the other hand, it only seems natural to those born elsewhere. In those nations, it is a bit of a thrill to operate a left-hand drive auto, it sort of twists the reality of driving a bit.

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Korean Used Car Comparison – Hyundai Sonata vs. Kia Optima

hyundai sonata vs kia optima

If you remember the “cheap” Kia Sephia or the failure-prone Hyundai Elantra, and these have put a bad taste in your mouth for Korean automakers, perhaps it’s time to whet your palate for the modern South Korean car. After all, South Korean automakers didn’t move from the eleventh in world automobile exports to fifth on good looks alone. Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Motors Corporation now stand as the first- and second-biggest, respectively, South Korean automakers by volume.

Used Hyundai Sonata

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The Best Used Cars on the Market by Category

There are many reasons why you may choose to buy a used car instead of a new one. Used cars are almost always cheaper than their new counterparts; however, this does not mean that they are lower quality.

Another benefit is that unlike new cars, used cars do not depreciate as quickly. New cars lose as much as 20 percent of their value once driven off the dealership’s lot. This may very well be the most drastic drop in the value of any consumer product. As for used cars, they have already undergone this initial depreciation and so their prices are generally steady; making them a worthwhile investment in the long run.

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