Toyota Vitz vs Toyota Aqua Comparison

Small car lovers have a lot of options to choose from in the market. So, whenever people want to buy a compact car, they get confused because of the vast selection with regard to their corresponding features and models. However, Toyota’s Vitz and Aqua could be great options. In this article, we are comparing the … Read more

History of Mazda Cars and the Meaning of the Logo

Mazda Motor Corporation simply referred to as Mazda, is a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer with its headquarters in Fuchu, Aki District, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. In 2015 Mazda produced over 1.5 million vehicles, with the majority (a million) of these manufactured in Japan and the rest manufactured in other plants around the world. This accomplishment qualified … Read more

Toyota Auris vs Nissan Pulsar Comparison

When you are out there purchasing a compact car, the higher is the chance that your final choice has been narrowed down to two options – Toyota Auris vs Nissan Pulsar. These 2 models set the standards for compact automobiles and they have won the hearts of both experts and consumers.   But, when you … Read more

Subaru Forester vs Honda CR-V Comparison

Crossover cars are a  blend of car comfort and SUV utility. For this reason, many buyers opt for a crossover rather than an SUV or Sedan these days as they offer the handling and fuel economy of a family sedan and SUV like comfort and practicality. In this article, we will compare two great CUVs … Read more

Why Are Japanese Tractors The Best In The World?

A tractor is an engineered vehicle purposely designed to haul machinery or a trailer that is used in agriculture, construction, or mining. It is popularly used in farming to provide power and traction for agricultural or various tasks and delivers high torque at a slow speed. One of the most commonly known and popular tractors … Read more

Lexus IS 300 vs Lexus IS 350 Comparison

Well, who doesn’t have their hearts set on one of the renowned car brands called Lexus IS? Be it the 2008 version or 2020, there is something amazing that seduces customers every now and then. But then this has led to major confusion amongst buyers deciding which one they should purchase. Since both are extremely … Read more

Nissan Gloria (Sedan)

The year is 1959 Prince Motors began the production of a large 4-door luxury sedan named Prince Gloria. In 1967 Prince and Nissan Motors merged to form Nissan Motors, and like many Prince Cars that changed their names to Nissan, so was Prince Gloria, it changed to Nissan Gloria.  The earlier Gloria was based on … Read more