A Quick Look At The 2016 BMW M4 GTS


The 2016 BMW M4 GTS has a tonne of talking points to keep a writer abuzz article after article. About the third one in, most readers would be eyesore and sick of the topic, so we have to condense everything down to a single post and hit the highest of the highlights. So, what is that highlight? Water. Yes, two simple hydrogen molecules attached to a singe oxygen atom could quite well be the highlight of the M4 GTS. 

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The Competition Package: BMW Fights Back

If you were a high-performance premium automobile, you would be feeling crowded to the breaking point in today’s market. The godfather’s of the segment, the BMW M3 and M4 enjoyed an open market for a few years then Mercedes-Benz decided it was time to tap in with its AMG offerings. Shortly thereafter, Audi stepped up its game, as did Cadillac and Lexus. With offerings like the Audi RS5, Cadillac ATS-V and CTS V-Sport, the Lexus RC F, and the Mercedes-AMG C63 to compete with, how is BMW planning to stay relevant? By fighting back with an all new Competition package for its M3 and M4 offerings, how else?image

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