Mitsubishi RVR – 1991 – 2021 Model Year Differences and Improvements

Mitsubishi RVR is a car manufactured by the Japanese automotive company Mitsubishi from 1991 to the present. Initially, the RVR which is an acronym for “Recreational Vehicle Runner” was available as a compact multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) and later as a subcompact crossover SUV, with the first two generations that were produced from 1991 to 2002 … Read more

Mitsubishi RVR – Prices, History, Engine, Interior & Exterior, Features, Highlights

Introduction BROWSE USED MITSUBISHI RVR MODELS from $3,820 Mitsubishi RVR is a car produced by the Japanese automobile company Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi RVRs were produced from 1991 until 2002 when the production halted and resumed again in 2010. The 4-door Multi-Purpose Vehicles (MPV) models were produced from 1991 to 2002, while from 2010 onwards 5-door compact … Read more

10 Mitsubishi Cars with Great Fuel Economy

Having a car with fuel efficiency is not just beneficial for financial expenses but also can help our environment to lessen carbon emissions. It is also a great investment in the long run because cars like hybrids and with fuel-saving technology are now getting more attention than before. And Mitsubishi Motors is one of the … Read more

Top 10 Most Popular Mitsubishi Models in BE FORWARD

Mitsubishi Motors is a Japanese automotive giant that has produced cars since 1970. Mitsubishi has established itself as one of the automotive giants that have a reputation for making cars that are robust, efficient, reliable, dependable workhorses, and comfortable. There are many great brands that have come out of Mitsubishi’s production line since its inception. … Read more