Best 5 Used Cars for Casual Camping

Best 5 Used Cars for Casual Camping - BE FORWARD

For people who love the outdoors and camping, owning the right kind of vehicle is important. With much camping gear to take with you, carrying larger equipment like portable generators or tents requires a larger kind of car. Whether you are planning to set up a tent or sleep in your car, one of the … Read more

Our Top 5 Luxurious & Affordable Minivans

Our Top 5 Luxurious & Affordable Minivans

Many of the top rated minivans are ripe with the same luxuries and technology that you will find in the highest priced SUVs, but the average price tag is considerably lower. The lower sticker price masks the many advantages of owning a luxury minivan. First and foremost among those advantages is that today’s minivans have earned the highest ratings from vehicle safety agencies around the world. Every parent wants to know that the safety of their children is well looked after during a trip.

Second, a minivan can offer seating for up to eight passengers, so you may not need another vehicle until your children are fully grown. Thirdly, a minivan offers a more car-like driving experience than an SUV, making it easier to drive in congested traffic and to maneuver in crowded parking areas. Lastly, a minivan offers better fuel economy than any full-size SUV on the market today. With all of those advantages in mind, let’s have a look at five top rated luxury minivans.

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Toyota Noah Car Review: Styling, Pricing and History

Used Toyota Noah history and review from used car exporter BE FORWARD.

As early as the 1930’s automakers began to recognise the need for a multi-passenger vehicle (MPV) that was also multi-purpose. Earlier design attempts were more like pick-up trucks, and didn’t offer the car-like handling that consumers wanted. Toyota took up that challenge and started making its cars bigger, constantly tweaking its vehicles to keep up with the ever-changing whims of the market.

They finally made the Toyota Noah in 2001, a minivan that has remained fresh and appealing across each of its three generations to date. The Noah’s growth and popularity in the Asian market has also begun to expand into other global markets. In this in-depth Toyota Noah review, discover how it stands out in the market for used family cars and why exactly it’s becoming so popular.

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Africa’s Top 3 Used Mini Vans Reviewed

best used mini vans for africa from BE FORWARD japanese car exporter

With so many varieties of vehicles to meet different needs and tastes, it is little wonder that Japan has become the to-go place for exporting used cars to Africa. However, one breed of Japanese used vehicles that are a favorite for many people in Africa are 2-in-1 mini vans. These multipurpose vehicles can be used for business, for family transport, as well as for public passenger service!

Even most ambulance service providers across Africa use Japanese vans, with little or no modifications. Here are three models of Japanese used mini vans that you will be likely to find on the roads of Pretoria in the south, Casablanca in the North, Mogadishu in the East, and Lagos in the West.

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