5 Award-Winning Used Cars You Can Buy for Under $2,000

5 Award-Winning Used Cars Under $2,000 - BE FORWARD

When you hear the phrase “award-winning car,” you may jump to the conclusion that said car is out of your price range. Much to the contrary, however, there are many award-winning cars you can purchase for less than $2,000 when you buy used from leading online used car sellers like BE FORWARD.

One example of a renowned global award granted to particularly admirable cars is the World Car of the Year Award. Administered by a not-for-profit organization, the WCOTY program was established in 2004 to complement national Car of the Year (COTY) awards in different countries.

Automotive journalists from all parts of the world organize this program and have been conducting it under the guidance of a committee that is made up of automotive journalists from North America, Asia, and Europe that all bring their expertise to the table. Here, we’ve detailed 5 of these award-winners from various years that you can purchase for under $2,000.

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5 Volkswagen Models That Definitely Impress


Volkswagen or the “People’s Car Company” is a German automaker founded in Berlin, Germany in January 1937. Volkswagen started creating cars as a response to a request from the Germany Government to design affordable yet speedy vehicles for German people. Before that, German car manufacturers produced only luxury models. Nowadays, Volkswagen continues making people’s cars of good quality. Let’s have a look at five high quality Volkswagen’s that definitely impress.

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Top 5 Used Car Recommendations for First-time Buyers in Malawi

Pictures of Money

How can I save?! How can I save?! These are the silent screams of thoughts in the subconscious minds of every Malawian embedded by our culture. The little disposable income squeezes the amounts available for costs regarded as luxuries such as running expenses for cars.

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Top Ten Best-Selling Used Cars of 2013

The general rule of thumb for determining which used cars will sell best is by taking a look at the previous year’s best-selling new cars. Chances are, you’ll also find some of the best used-car deals on the best-selling new cars of the previous year. For example, for over fifteen years, the world’s best-selling car has been the Toyota Corolla. As is to be expected, the Toyota Corolla was also one of last-year’s best-selling cars in many African countries. Waiting just one year to buy a Toyota Corolla, that is, buying one used, some have reported saving up to 34% off the price of a new one. It does make sense to wait, as a lightly used car is just as good as a new car.

 Top Ten Used Cars 2013

Here are the top ten best-selling used cars for 2013, unsurprisingly dominated by the world’s two biggest automobile manufacturers, Toyota Motor Company and Volkswagen Auto Group.

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