Best Compact Crossover SUVs 2023

Best Compact Crossover SUVs 2023 Illustration

The compact crossover SUV is designed to seamlessly blend a traditional saloon with an SUV. The melding creates a mixture of daily utility and mild off-road capabilities, yet leaves drivers with a more refined driving experience of a car.

They seamlessly blend the utility of a sedan with the capabilities of an SUV, offering better fuel economy than their truck-based predecessors. Here are our top 10 picks.

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BE FORWARD’s 5 Best-selling Manual SUVs Under $5,000

5 Marvelous Manual SUVs Under $5,000 - BE FORWARD

For those in the market for a used manual car, one of the top choices of car type for many would have to be the SUV. With the addition of 4WD capabilities, it could be said that you are only truly unleashing the power of your SUV when it runs on manual gears. Think that manual SUVs are more expensive than their automatic counterparts? Think again! For the love of the clutch and the stick, here are 5 of BE FORWARD’s best-selling used manual SUVs under $5,000, which also happen to be some of the best cheap manual cars on the market.

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SUV vs. Hatchback: Which Car Type is Best for You?

be forward suv vs hatchback comparison

SUV or hatchback? This is a question many ask themselves when buying a used car. When it comes down to it, the debate about SUVs vs. hatchbacks narrows down to the needs of the user. Each of these types of car could benefit different families and individuals depending on their size and requirements, so here we take a closer look the pros and cons of SUV and hatchback vehicles to help you make the best decision for you.

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Toyota RAV4 Overview: Generational Differences Explained

Toyota RAV4 generation differences

Toyota led the world into the compact SUV and crossover craze with the introduction of the Toyota RAV4 for the 1994 model year. The RAV4 came onto the scene just when global markets were tiring of the gas guzzling ways of large SUVs, but still wanted the extra ride height and cargo space of one. The Toyota RAV4 offered all of those benefits combined with the maneuverability of a compact saloon.

Now in its third generation in Japan and its fourth generation in other markets, the five-door version of the RAV4 is still a strong-selling and reliable crossover. As such, we thought it’s important that our clients have plenty of information about the Toyota RAV4 at their finger tips.

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Our Top 4 Toyota Family SUVs

Automakers have even been so courteous as to create the ”crossover” so that they could graciously offer the perfect SUV to as many buyers as possible. With such a glut of offerings on the market today, buyers can be easily overwhelmed with information and opinions.

That is why we have decided to bring you a short list of Toyota SUVs that may be right for you. We will start with a compact SUV before working our way through a several of Toyota’s mid-sized offerings, all of which are capable of transporting your family around town or over land.

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BE FORWARD Customer Reviews: Why Did They Choose Their Cars?

Buying a car is one of the biggest shopping adventures in your life. There are so many things you need to consider and decide on. You have to search for the right dealer, you have to consider which car best suits you and what model to choose and so on. That’s why Customer Reviews come in handy to make your search and decision process a lot easier.

BE FORWARD has been collecting customer reviews and we would like to share them with you – what our customers say about their purchased cars and their overall buying experience with us – with a hope to provide you assistance in making your decision in buying your car.

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Africa’s Top 3 Used Toyota SUVs Reviewed

Africa’s Top 3 Used Toyota SUVs Reviewed

by Mutimba Musonda in Zambia

Africa is known to have a terrain that is very unique in terms of its versatile weather patterns and climatic changes. With these  kinds of weather patterns the demand for SUVs, with their rugged off-road and on-road capabilities, continues to increase as their popularity grows. Here, we take a closer look at 3 of the most popular used Toyota SUVs that Africans love to import from Japan.

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Top 5 Recommended SUV In Malawi

Suitable Wheels for Africa’s Rugged and Meandering Roads

Most roads in Africa are not tarred and are poorly graded. What choice of vehicle befits these rugged meandering roads? During rainy season these roads become slippery requiring great skidding power. This is the more reason that those four-wheel drive vehicles are ideal for African conditions .

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2016 Toyota RAV4 vs. 2016 Honda CR-V: Top Reasons To Buy Both


The compact crossover SUV segment is stuffed full. Every manufacturer imaginable has an entry in the segment. The combination of high sales volume and high profit per vehicle attracts everyone. Despite the plethora of entries in the class, the Honda CR-V and the Toyota RAV4 are the undisputed sales kings; with the CR-V consistently outselling Toyota. With such a close rivalry between the CR-V and the RAV4, we thought our readers might be interested in a few selling points that each has; with the hope that we can help you make your final decision.

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Toyota RAV4 vs. Honda CR-V: Which Compact SUV is Best?

In the beginning, there was the sedan, and families who outgrew their sedans had few choices between their current car and full-size sport utility vehicles (SUVs), except for station wagons. In 1996, Toyota practically invented the compact SUV segment with the Toyota RAV4, though it was an instant success. However, today, practically every automaker with a full lineup now sells compact SUVs, including the other contestant in our comparison, the Honda CR-V.

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