Suzuki Swift vs. Suzuki Alto Comparison: Which Suzuki Hatchback is Best?

The Suzuki Swift and Suzuki Alto are both common hatchbacks in many parts of the world including Europe, Asia, and Africa. These cars have one thing in common in that they are both small hatchbacks made by Suzuki. However, the similarities end there.

While the Swift looks broader, more compact and nicely styled with a large grill, the Alto is narrower and more rudimentary in structure. Both are great urban family hatchbacks, and since they have very economical fuel consumption, you can be sure the running costs are low. But what are the features that set them apart? Let’s take a closer look at both of these popular Suzuki hatchbacks to get a better idea, in this used Suzuki Swift and Suzuki Alto used car review.

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Unbelievable Deals: 5 Used Japanese Cars Under $500

used japanese cars under $500 at BE FORWARD

Japanese car makers such as Toyota, Nissan, and Honda are driven by the belief that everyone should be able to drive quality cars, no matter what their budget may be. Thanks to this philosophy a large range of affordable used cars are available today that often reach too-good-to-be-true prices. The good news? They really are true! Here, we take a look at 5 examples of amazing used cars you can buy for under $500 on BE FORWARD.

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Unbelievable! The 4 Most Affordable Used Cars Under $2,000

most affordable used cars under $2,000 from BE FORWARD

by Mutimba Musonda from Zambia

Affordable vehicles are very easy to find, as long as you know where to look.  However, it does take a bit of searching and patience to come across the best used car for your budget. However, in the end it’s all worth it when you get to find that perfect car at an amazingly affordable price! To get you started, here are four high-quality and affordable used cars you can buy from less than $500 through to less than $2,000 on BE FORWARD.

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Save Thousands! Top 5 Japanese Used Cars for Under $1,000

by Takudzwa Masvaure in Zimbabwe

When you’re in need of a car under $1,000, trust BE FORWARD for a very good, reliable, and best of all affordable car. No matter what kind of used car you may be looking for, it is easy to find hundreds of models across different bodies and makes to suit your needs, all without putting a dent in your budget. Here, we take a look at 5 of the top recommended Japanese used cars you can grab for under $1,000 on BE FORWARD.

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