Toyota Vitz vs Yaris Car Comparison: What’s the Difference?

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When viewed from an exterior perspective, the Toyota Yaris and the Toyota Vitz may initially appear nearly identical. While there are indeed numerous shared traits between these two models, they also possess distinctive characteristics that differentiate them. In today’s review, our primary objective is to elucidate the methods for distinguishing between the Yaris and the Vitz. Simultaneously, we will delve into the attributes that contribute to the remarkable reliability of these Toyota models when you’re behind the wheel. We are confident that you will glean a wealth of insights from our comprehensive analysis.

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Toyota Fortuner Review 2004 – 2022 Model Year

toyota fortuner review model and differences

Introduction The Toyota Fortuner, a mid-size SUV, has been produced by the Japanese automotive company Toyota since 2004. Built upon a similar platform as the Hilux pickup truck, it boasts 2/3 rows of seats and is accessible in either a 4-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive configuration.The model’s practicality, reliability, and comfortable interior made it popular … Read more

Best Compact Crossover SUVs 2023

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The compact crossover SUV is designed to seamlessly blend a traditional saloon with an SUV. The melding creates a mixture of daily utility and mild off-road capabilities, yet leaves drivers with a more refined driving experience of a car.

They seamlessly blend the utility of a sedan with the capabilities of an SUV, offering better fuel economy than their truck-based predecessors. Here are our top 10 picks.

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Toyota Noah vs Voxy:
Which One Is Better?
Fuel Consumption and Hybrid.

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Toyota Voxy vs Noah may be a tough decision because of their similarities. Both the Toyota Voxy and Toyota Noah are perfectly used minivans for bigger families on the move, but what are the differences that set them apart? In this Noah vs Voxy comparison review, we set out to see which is the best-used minivan for you and your family.

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Toyota Vitz vs Passo | Comparing Fuel Efficiency, Price, and Interior Features

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Toyota is one of the world’s largest automakers, and Toyota hatchbacks have earned worldwide appeal, such as these Toyota hatchbacks that we think are worth considering; the Toyota Passo and Toyota Vitz. On paper, they look very similar, but upon further examination, they demonstrate a couple of differences that are worth noting.

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2WD vs 4WD vs AWD | What’s the difference?

The terrains and conditions you drive in determine which type of car you need to buy. Depending on your daily driving activities, you need to choose either a 2WD (two-wheel drive) or a 4WD (wheel drive) vehicle. Typically, 2WD vehicles are smaller than 4WD vehicles.

2WD vehicles are powered by only two wheels, either in the front or in the back, while 4WD vehicles are powered by all four wheels. This obviously means that 4WD vehicles provide more power than 2WD cars. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of both?

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Toyota 4runner vs Toyota Highlander Comparison

foyota 4runner vs toyota highlander comparison

Toyota is a Japanese automotive manufacturer that specializes in the production of a range of vehicles that include pick-ups, Hatchbacks, SUVs, and sedans that have been around for many decades.  Toyota is a legendary brand around the world for manufacturing durable, reliable, and powerful cars. The 4runner and Highlander are both SUVs that may seem … Read more

Toyota Land Cruiser Vs Land Rover Defender Comparison

toyota land cruiser vs land rover defender comparison

Toyota and Land Rover are popular brands around the world for manufacturing durable, powerful, and reliable cars. Toyota Land Cruiser is the best seller in the SUV category, also Toyota is the best seller in sedans, pick-ups, and hatchbacks which have been around for many years. The Land Cruiser and the new Defender differ in … Read more

Toyota Avanza – 2003 – 2021 Model Year Differences and Improvements

toyota avanza model year differences and improvements

In the late 1990s, Toyota embarked on a joint project with its subsidiary Daihatsu to build a multipurpose vehicle (MPV). The result of this collaborative project was the introduction of the Toyota Avanza/Daihatsu Xenia. The Toyota Avanza (Daihatsu Xenia) is a compact multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) marketed by Daihatsu  as Daihatsu Xenia and by Toyota as … Read more