Toyota Land Cruiser vs Toyota Highlander Comparison

toyota land cruiser vs toyota highlander comparison

In a world where choices abound, picking the right SUV can be a daunting task. The debate between rugged versatility and refined family comfort often stands at the forefront of this decision. Toyota, a name synonymous with reliability and innovation, presents two remarkable options that cater to distinct needs – the Toyota Land Cruiser and … Read more

Toyota 4runner vs Toyota Highlander Comparison

foyota 4runner vs toyota highlander comparison

Toyota is a Japanese automotive manufacturer that specializes in the production of a range of vehicles that include pick-ups, Hatchbacks, SUVs, and sedans that have been around for many decades.  Toyota is a legendary brand around the world for manufacturing durable, reliable, and powerful cars. The 4runner and Highlander are both SUVs that may seem … Read more

BMW X3 vs Toyota Highlander Comparison

bmw x3 vs toyota highlander comparison

BMW and Toyota come in different forms and sizes, and at one time Toyota had the most comparable but different models the same as BMW. BMW has most models that try to look similar but differ in many aspects such as BMW X3 and Toyota Highlander. In this article, we will review BMW X3 and … Read more

Should You Buy? 5 Pros & Cons of Toyota Highlander 2019

should you buy 5 pros and cons of toyota highlander 2019

Introduction BROWSE LOW COST USED TOYOTA HIGHLANDER from $6,500 The Toyota Highlander, which is also referred to as the Toyota Kluger, is a mid-size crossover SUV which was first introduced in 2000. The Highlander is known for its reliability, exquisite appearance, luxurious interiors, off-road capabilities, and fuel efficiency. It is also equipped with several safety … Read more

Toyota Highlander – 2000 – 2022 Model Year Differences and Improvements

toyota highlander model year differences

The Toyota Highlander (known as Toyota Kluger in other markets) is a crossover SUV manufactured by the Japanese automotive manufacturer Toyota.  The Highlander was unveiled in the year 2000 as a pioneer in the crossover SUV category, as one of the first car-based, mid-size vehicles. Initially, the Highlander shared the same platform with the Toyota … Read more