Top 5 Most Popular Toyota Pick-Up Models in BE FORWARD

top 5 most popular toyota pick up models in be forward

Pick-up trucks are one of the most common cars we see on the road nowadays. They are not just used as utility vehicles, but also can be used for leisure, sports, and off-road activities. One of the reasons why Toyota continues to produce excellent and sporty Pick-up trucks, which can be driven on and off … Read more

Top 10 Most Popular Models in BE FORWARD Manufactured in 2019 (Under $15,000)

top 10 most popular models in be forward manufactured in 2019 under usd 15000

In 2019 different automotive manufacturers released a host of car models in different categories. The cars received different reception from car buyers, with some more warmly received than others. We at BE FORWARD have stocked and sold several of these 2019 models, and from our experience in selling these models, we ended up with several … Read more

Should You Buy? 5 Pros & Cons of Toyota Hilux 2021

should you buy 5 pros and cons of toyota hilux 2021

Introduction The Toyota Hilux was initially sold as a compact pickup which was first introduced in March 1968 and is now in its eighth generation. The earlier Hilux is available in a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout and is known for its reliability and durability which continues to evolve throughout its generation. The current generation of Toyota … Read more

Top 10 Most Popular Models in BE FORWARD Manufactured in 2020 (Under $20,000)

top 10 most popular models in be forward manufactured in 2020 under usd 20000

Cars come in many shapes and forms and each year new cars or brands or models, are released with others receiving their midlife updates, and others welcome new generations. In this article, we will take a brief look at the “Top 10 Most Popular Models Manufactured in 2020” to learn what makes them popular and … Read more

Ford Ranger vs Toyota Hilux Comparison

ford ranger vs toyota hilux

Ford and Toyota are known for producing durable, reliable, and powerful vehicles, especially best-selling pick-up vehicles. The Ranger and Hilux are compact and mid-sized pick-up trucks. This review of Ranger and Hilux is full of details about performance, engine size, interior, and exterior appearance. Every person has its taste in selecting which car suits its … Read more

10 Bad Driving Habits That Damage Your Car

10 bad driving habits that damage your car

Cars are not just a mode of transport or a status symbol but a partner on the road that we must take care of and give much attention to maintain its good condition and can last for a long time. Some of us rely so much on cars, that’s why maintaining their performance and life … Read more

Toyota Hilux – Prices, History, Engine, Interior & Exterior, Features

The Toyota Hilux is a pickup truck manufactured by Toyota from 1968 to the present. It started as a small, utilitarian workhorse and grew to a fully-featured, dual-purpose car. The Hilux has maintained the same basic formula from its inception in 1968, with a choice of petrol and diesel engines, 2WD and 4WD drive types.  … Read more

Most Popular Used Pick-Up Trucks Under $15,000

Nowadays, pick-up trucks are not just used as utility vehicles, they also can now be used for leisure, personal, or even used for transportation. The increasing demand and popularity of pick-up trucks made the large automobile manufacturers to further improve the vehicles and modernized them to satisfy the choice of the buyers. In this article, … Read more

Top 5 Most Popular Pick-Up Trucks in BE FORWARD

Nowadays, pick-up trucks are not just known for farming or work vehicles, it can also be used for leisure or personal use. The increasing popularity of pick-up trucks is evidence of the versatility and flexibility of the vehicle. In this article, we will list the Top 5 Most Popular Pick-Up Trucks in BE FORWARD. Toyota … Read more