14 Toyota Cars with Great Fuel Economy

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Over time, Toyota has established a strong global brand. Their vehicles are renowned for their performance and dependability on the road, contributing to their esteemed reputation. This achievement has propelled Toyota to become the largest car manufacturer worldwide. Consequently, Toyota enjoys a significant presence on African roads. The design of their cars presents a unique and customized aesthetic that seamlessly blends with the African landscape, enhancing their appeal.

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Top 10 Most Popular Cars In Zambia for 2021

Japanese brand cars are indeed one of the most popular brands around the world, specifically in the country of Zambia. Whether it’s the latest model or the used ones, Japanese brands remain to be one of the tops. Zambian people prefer reliable, practical, and economical cars, and the cars below are some of the best … Read more

Top 10 Most Popular Cars In Tanzania for 2021

The increasing demand for cars is still rapidly growing, it is also the same in Tanzania. Though most Tanzanians prefer big cars with big spaces either for family or cargo, it’s not a wrong choice because most of the cars they prefer are one of the most popular models worldwide. In this article, we will … Read more

Toyota Vanguard – Prices, History, Engine, Interior & Exterior, Features, Highlights

Price The price of used Toyota RAV 4 in the market varies from version, trim, and dealers while average BE FORWARD prices as of June 2021 starts at USD USD 4,500. History The Toyota Vanguard is one of the best SUVs which perform better in the market in East Africa. It is the leading SUV … Read more

Toyota Vanguard – 2007-2013 Model Differences, Changes & Improvements

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As the long wheelbase version of the wildly popular RAV4, the Toyota Vanguard one of the best available crossover SUVs, maintaining the great features and dependability of its nearly-identical twin. So how much has it changed throughout the years? Let’s examine the Vanguard’s changes throughout the years in this review. 2007 Toyota Vanguard The sleek … Read more