Toyota Wish: 2003 – 2017 Model Year Differences

The Toyota Wish is a professionally crafted and stylish compact people mover manufactured by Toyota Motor Corporation since 2003. Intended for versatile use by today’s families, the Wish offers both efficiency and elegance in the form of one smart appliance. It is well known for its roominess, for its numerous variants of seat settings, and … Read more

Top 10 Most Popular Toyota Minivan Models in BE FORWARD

top 10 most popular toyota minivan models in be forward

Toyota is known for producing some of the best and top-selling cars on the automotive market, be it luxury cars, passenger cars, or business-oriented vehicles. Toyota produces reliable, durable, economical, and affordable cars that attract buyers around the world. Whether it’s a Kei car, sedan, van, minivan, or hatchback, it’s the Toyota brand they pick. … Read more

SUV vs Minivan – Which is Right for You?

suv vs minivan which is right for you

IntroductionWhen it comes to practicality and carrying passengers and cargo, the type of vehicles we consider are SUVs and minivans. They do not just offer space but also comfortability, great features, excellent performance, and efficiency that we all want in a car. They seem to have both similarities and qualities but they are hardly the … Read more

Most Popular Used Cars in Jamaica Under $1,500!

under usd1500 most popular used cars in jamaica

Whether it is used or brand new, Japanese-made cars are undoubtedly one of the most popular and best-selling models in the international automotive sector. They do not just offer great fuel efficiency, practicality, and reliability but also a budget-friendly price. Now, let us take a look at the Most Popular Used Cars in Jamaica Under … Read more

Most Popular Used Cars in Uganda Under $2,000!

Nowadays, cars are one of the highest in-demand products in the market, even used cars. And because of the global pandemic, some manufacturers stopped the production of new cars, resulting in the demand for used cars to gradually rising. Just like in the country of Uganda, where used cars are widely known because of their … Read more

Most Popular Used Cars in Zambia Under $1,700!

Some latest cars are too expensive to buy but many cars are at an affordable price like the used cars. Though some features and functions are outdated, the quality and reliability of used cars are on par with other latest cars. Used cars also offer excellent reliability, performance, fuel efficiency, style, and space without costing … Read more

Most Popular Used Cars in Tanzania Under $1,600!

Used cars are now getting more attention and popularity than before, not just because it’s affordable and cheaper, but also because it is much more convenient and sometimes more worthy to buy than other cars. Japanese-made cars are some of the examples of the used cars with great quality, reliability, outstanding fuel economy, and a … Read more

The Top 10 Cars in Uganda 2024: Discover the Best Models

Japanese cars persist as highly favored vehicles across global automotive markets. Their popularity is attributed to qualities such as reliability, performance, affordability, and versatile applications. Uganda stands out as a nation actively importing a diverse array of both used and latest models of Japanese cars. This article will delve into the Top 10 Most Popular … Read more

Toyota Wish vs Honda Odyssey Comparison

Toyota Wish and Honda Odyssey were both produced and manufactured by two of the leading Japanese automaker Toyota and Honda. It is both a 5-door station wagon that was introduced in 2003 and 1994. Both also offer a spacious interior, advanced safety features, fuel efficiency, and a stylish exterior. In this article, we will talk … Read more

Toyota Wish Review: MPV History & Features Improvements from 2003–2010

toyota wish review

The Toyota Wish is a mid-range compact MPV that provides incredible fuel consumption rates which make this a very underrated option for those in the market for a vehicle that’s great on fuel. The exterior of the Toyota Wish is youthful and dynamic, and in its higher grades also includes an added aero bumper that … Read more