BE FORWARD’s Top 5 Budget-Friendly Family SUVs

top 5 affordable family suvs

Whether you call it a family hauler, old ironsides, or that damn box on wheels, the family SUV is often a growing family’s best option. It can be used to take the kids to school events and sports, take your lady to dinner, or get you to places with a view of the lake and mountains in the background.

Obviously, you want to have the best possible SUV. Your family deserves an SUV that is safe, reliable, and comfortable. Having plenty of cargo space is a great bonus as well. With all of those things in mind, we have built a list of the top five SUVs that your family needs that you can buy used on BE FORWARD.

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What Japanese Used Cars Appeal To the Youth in South Africa?

For most students in the University in South Africa, their dream is to own a car before they hit 25 years of age. That is why South Africa has the highest per capita car ownership on the continent. Today, owning a car has become a matter of personal choice rather than luxury. People have realized that the model of a car that they drive speaks a lot about them.

Here are four of the best used cars in Africa that have won the hearts of the fast growing middle class:

Toyota Celica

The origin of the name Celica is Latin meaning heavenly and this sporty auto gives just that kind of feeling. In Africa, we love everything that is connected with the divine, even when it is only in a name. But about this sports car, it is affordable, it is fast and it is a TOYOTA for crying out loud. That means it can be tuned locally, to suck more speed out of the engine. Its parts are readily available.

Toyota Celica

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Top 3 Crossover Used SUVs Under $3,000

Best Crossover SUVs Under $3,000 - BE FORWARD

Crossover SUVs are more economical than their full-size cousins, but more capable than sedans or station wagons. You can carry your family around in it as well as you can carry the materials for your weekend project in the garden. Also, because of their height and typical four-wheel or all-wheel drive setup, they are nearly perfect for the rough terrain that’s found outside the cities and towns that many of us live in.

Today, there are a number of companies making crossover SUVs, ranging across the board, from economy to luxury brands. As amazing as it may seem, perhaps you might consider one of these three used crossovers that you can get for less than $3,000.

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