BMW X3 Review: 2003 – 2022 Model Year Differences, Improvements And Features

bmw x3 review model year differences

Manufactured by one of the leading German automakers BMW, the BMW X3 is among the oldest compact luxury crossover SUV introduced in 2003 and based on the BMW 5 Series platform. Coming in 3 generations from 2003 to the present, BMW keeps showing that it has so much to provide with the newest and latest … Read more

BMW X3 vs BMW X5 Comparison

bmw x3 vs bmw x5 comparison

BMW is famous for producing high-performance, high-technology luxury cars that are ideal and practical, and these vehicles come in different sizes and forms. BMW has most models and versions that try to look similar in many aspects but differ in size, engines, performance, and form such as BMW X3 and BMW X5. In this article, … Read more