Toyota Crown vs Mercedes Benz C Class Comparison

toyota crown vs mercedes benz c comparison

A comparison between Toyota Crown versus Mercedes-Benz C-Class makes perfect sense because these sedans share comparable features. The superbly made Toyota Crown and Mercedes-Benz C-Class are part of the best-selling sedans. These cars are good for family affairs thanks to a roomy interior, comfortable seating options, and high-end cabin features. Since both vehicles offer sufficient … Read more

BMW X5 vs Mercedes Benz GLE Comparison

bmw x5 vs mercedes benz gle comparison

Mercedes-Benz and BMW are so popular for producing full luxury vehicles and come in different forms and sizes, and both BMW and Mercedes-Benz had the most comparable but different models, the same as BMW X5 and Mercedes-Benz GLE. BMW and Mercedes-Benz have most models that try to look similar but differ in many aspects such … Read more

Top 10 Most Popular Mercedes-Benz SUV Models in BE FORWARD

top 10 most popular mercedes-benz suv models in be forward

Mercedes-Benz is a German automaker that manufactured some of the most popular and top-selling luxury cars on the market today. The Mercedes-Benz offered a reliable, luxurious, powerful, and comfortable car with advanced features and high-quality interiors that certainly stand out among the rest. Now, let us talk about the Top 10 Most Popular Mercedes-Benz SUV … Read more

Most Popular Luxury Used Cars in Zimbabwe Under USD3800!

luxury used cars in zimbabwe under usd3800

Zimbabwe is one of the countries that are importing a large number of cars whether it is the latest, used, or luxurious cars. After all, the Zambian people prefer reliable, durable, practical, and high-quality cars along with their powerful performance engine, outstanding fuel economy, innovative features, and budget-friendly price. Now, let’s take a look at … Read more

BMW X3 vs. Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class Comparison

bmw x3 vs mercedes benz glc comparison

BMW and Mercedes-Benz come in different sizes and forms, and at one time Mercedes-Benz had the most comparable but different models the same as BMW. BMW has most variants that try to look similar but differ in many aspects such as BMW X3 and GLC. In this article, we will review Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class and BMW … Read more

Wagon vs Sedan Which is Right for You?

wagon vs sedan which is right for you

IntroductionWagon and sedan are two of the most common body layouts we often see on the road. They both have sophisticated designs and built which makes them unique from each other and more likable to the buyers. Due to their uniqueness, we can see the differences between the wagon and sedan easily. And because of … Read more

SUV vs Sedan – Which is Right for You?

suv vs sedan which is right for you

IntroductionChoosing the right car requires a bit more consideration especially when you are thinking about the body style of the car. After all, cars are not just a mode of transport to others, it is quite expensive and can be used for other purposes like business, personal use, family use, or a status symbol in … Read more

Land Rover Defender vs Mercedes Benz G Class Comparison

land rover defender vs mercedes benz g comparison

Sometimes owning properties like expensive cars indicate status and wealth, but custom options can enhance exclusivity and off-road capability is part of the list. Both the new 2021 Land Rover Defender and Mercedes Benz G-Class are “symbols” of status and wealth, but the Mercedes Benz G-Class seems to be ahead of the 2021 Defender. Apart … Read more

Sedan vs Coupe – Which is Right for You?

sedan vs coupe which is right for you

We already talked about the body style of sedan and hatchback, SUV and minivan, now we are going to tackle the difference between sedan and coupe. In terms of similarities, sedans and coupes have much more to offer than the previous body style. They almost look alike and some people almost consider them the same. … Read more

Sedan vs Hatchback – Which is Right for You?

sedan vs hatchback which is right for you

IntroductionA car has different purposes for other people. It may be just a mode of transport for business or personal use, or for others, it is a symbol of wealth and social status. But regardless of what use of the car, choosing the body style is still a predicament for some people like the hatchback … Read more