Jeep Wrangler vs Mercedes Benz G Class Comparison

Jeep Wrangler The Jeep Wrangler and the Mercedes Benz G Class are two great SUVs with a long history. Apart from their offroading capabilities, these cars have other built-in amenities and features that separate them from the rest of the class, with each car offering some unique attributes. Here we take a look at these … Read more

10 Mercedes-Benz Cars With Great Fuel Economy

Mercedes-Benz is a German automobile manufacturer producing some of the very known executive and luxury cars worldwide like Mercedes-Benz E Class, Mercedes-Benz S Class, Mercedes-Benz GL, and Mercedes-Benz G Class. The cars they produce are practical, dependable, reliable, comfortable, and fuel-efficient with a touch of stylishness that is equipped with innovative features as well as … Read more

Top 14 Most Popular Car Brands in BE FORWARD

BE FORWARD is a Japanese company whose core business is selling used cars. The company began its operations in 2004 and is now a global leader in used car exports. As part of our operations and in making sure we keep improving our services we do collect data on car sales, and from that collection, … Read more