Toyota Raize vs Toyota RAV4 Comparison

toyota raize vs toyota rav4 comparison

With an annual production of approximately 10 million vehicles, Toyota stands as one of the premier global automobile manufacturers, celebrated for crafting dependable, resilient, high-performance vehicles that embody luxury. Dominating diverse markets, from pickups to hatchbacks, sedans, and SUVs, Toyota’s lineup includes acclaimed models such as the Toyota Raize and Toyota RAV4, both exemplifying the … Read more

Toyota Fortuner vs Toyota 4Runner Comparison

toyota fortuner vs toyota 4runner comparison

The 4Runner / Hilux Surf and the Fortuner are two mid-size SUVs based on the Hilux pickup truck introduced in 1983 and 2004 respectively. The 4Runner sold in select American markets was originally a compact SUV, later evolved into a mid-size SUV and drifted away from its Hilux roots. At the same time, each Fortuner … Read more

5 Pros & Cons of Toyota Harrier 2024

Introduction Originally launched as a compact crossover SUV, the Toyota Harrier later evolved into a mid-size crossover SUV, debuting in December 1997 and now in its fourth iteration.  From 1998 to 2013, it bore the Lexus RX badge, offering both front-engine, front-wheel-drive, and four-wheel-drive options. The latest, fourth-generation Toyota Harrier, unveiled on April 13, 2020, … Read more

Suzuki Jimny Model Year Differences (1970-2024)

The Suzuki Jimny is a 4×4 mini SUV produced and marketed by the Japanese automobile company Suzuki from 1970 to the present (2021) and is currently in its fourth generation. In the era of World War II, off-roading cars such as the Jeep CJ and the Toyota BJ were very common as they served as … Read more

Toyota Land Cruiser vs Land Rover Defender Comparison

toyota land cruiser vs land rover defender comparison

Toyota and Land Rover are popular brands around the world for manufacturing durable, powerful, and reliable cars. Toyota Land Cruiser is the best seller in the SUV category, also Toyota is the best seller in sedans, pick-ups, and hatchbacks which have been around for many years. The Land Cruiser and the new Defender differ in … Read more

The Best 8 Cars for Mountain Driving

Introduction If you are planning to travel on demanding roads such as mountainous areas, you need to have the right vehicle that you need for the awkward road.This article will help to lead you to choose which vehicle will be the best that you can purchase for mountain driving. Jeep Grand Cherokee The 2023 Grand … Read more

Toyota Vanguard New Model: The Ultimate SUV Experience

Price The price of used Toyota RAV 4 in the market varies from version, trim, and dealers while average BE FORWARD prices as of June 2021 starts at USD USD 4,500. Exterior The Vanguard is a luxury-class mid-size SUV designed for active urban lifestyle and driving pleasure, multi-functionality, and multi-passenger use. It is proving its … Read more

Jeep Wrangler vs Mercedes Benz G Class Comparison

Jeep Wrangler The Jeep Wrangler and the Mercedes Benz G Class are two great SUVs with a long history. Apart from their offroading capabilities, these cars have other built-in amenities and features that separate them from the rest of the class, with each car offering some unique attributes. Here we take a look at these … Read more

Toyota Land Cruiser: 1967-2021 Model by Year

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a series of all-terrain four-wheel drive vehicles built by Toyota from 1951 and still in production.Popular for its reliability, longevity, and all-terrain prowess and available in various body styles such as hardtops, soft-tops, open-top, cab chassis, pickup, and station wagon.With over 10 million units sold worldwide as of 2019, the … Read more

Toyota Sequoia vs Land Cruiser Comparison

toyota sequoia vs toyota land cruiser comparison

Toyota is a popular brand around the world for manufacturing powerful, reliable, and durable cars. Toyota is the best-seller in SUV, sedans, pick-ups, and hatchback vehicles which have been around for many years. The Sequoia and Land Cruiser look similar in every aspect but they differ in other aspects like interior, engine, performance, and exterior. … Read more