Suzuki Swift Review: 1983-2021 Model Features Improvement and Changes

suzuki swift model year differences

Introduction The Suzuki Swift has won numerous awards including the 2006 Annual RJC Car of the Year and, perhaps more interestingly, The Most Fun Car to Drive in Japan. This comes as no surprise since the Swift features exceptional handling and performance. Of course, it also achieves excellent fuel economy and has a low cost … Read more

Suzuki Jimny – 1970-2020 Model Year Differences and Improvements

The Suzuki Jimny is a 4×4 mini SUV produced and marketed by the Japanese automobile company Suzuki from 1970 to the present (2021) and is currently in its fourth generation. In the era of World War II, off-roading cars such as the Jeep CJ and the Toyota BJ were very common as they served as … Read more

10 Suzuki Cars with Great Fuel Economy

Automakers nowadays are creating more reliable, powerful, and fuel-efficient cars for the convenience of the people. Though the competition is high, no one can argue that the cars made are of the best quality. The Japanese automaker Suzuki is not an exception to this. The cars they manufactured are already tried and tested when it … Read more

Suzuki Jimny vs Mercedes Benz G Class Comparison

Suzuki Jimny and the Mercedes Benz G-Class are both good off-roaders but the Mercedes Benz G Class seems to look more luxurious than Suzuki Jimny. And yet, there are many ways in which these cars are almost identical, not the least of which being a full-frame manufactured crowned with a boxy body that’s simultaneously adorable … Read more

Suzuki Swift vs Kia Picanto Comparison

Suzuki and KIA are known as trustworthy automotive brands. But Kia is not more famous as much but it is superb. Their models include Suzuki Swift and Kia Picanto and we are going to review them today. Both serve as small cars that fit well to people looking for a fuel efficient vehicle. From interior … Read more

Suzuki Jimny vs Suzuki Jimny Sierra Comparison

Suzuki is one of the popular automakers from Japan. The magnificently made Suzuki Jimny and Suzuki Jimny Sierra are their best-selling cars. Not only the first model but the latest models of these cars hit the market. Both cars have some standard features. Be it space or fuel efficiency. Both Suzuki Jimny and Suzuki Jimny … Read more

Top 14 Most Popular Car Brands in BE FORWARD

BE FORWARD is a Japanese company whose core business is selling used cars. The company began its operations in 2004 and is now a global leader in used car exports. As part of our operations and in making sure we keep improving our services we do collect data on car sales, and from that collection, … Read more