Toyota Vitz vs Yaris Car Comparison: What’s the Difference?

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When viewed from an exterior perspective, the Toyota Yaris and the Toyota Vitz may initially appear nearly identical. While there are indeed numerous shared traits between these two models, they also possess distinctive characteristics that differentiate them. In today’s review, our primary objective is to elucidate the methods for distinguishing between the Yaris and the Vitz. Simultaneously, we will delve into the attributes that contribute to the remarkable reliability of these Toyota models when you’re behind the wheel. We are confident that you will glean a wealth of insights from our comprehensive analysis.

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Toyota Vitz vs Passo | Comparing Fuel Efficiency, Price, and Interior Features

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Toyota is one of the world’s largest automakers, and Toyota hatchbacks have earned worldwide appeal, such as these Toyota hatchbacks that we think are worth considering; the Toyota Passo and Toyota Vitz. On paper, they look very similar, but upon further examination, they demonstrate a couple of differences that are worth noting.

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Sedan vs Hatchback – Which is Right for You?

sedan vs hatchback which is right for you

IntroductionA car has different purposes for other people. It may be just a mode of transport for business or personal use, or for others, it is a symbol of wealth and social status. But regardless of what use of the car, choosing the body style is still a predicament for some people like the hatchback … Read more

Fuel & Wallet Friendly: Top 5 Fuel-Efficient Vehicles Under $1,000

Top 5 Fuel Efficient Vehicles Under $1,000 - BE FORWARD

Would you like to drive a car and save money at the same time? Driving does not have to be expensive—not when you can drive a car that has been designed to run at the lowest cost! Keep reading to discover 5 of the top cheapest fuel-efficient cars available at BE FORWARD.

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SUV vs. Hatchback: Which Car Type is Best for You?

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SUV or hatchback? This is a question many ask themselves when buying a used car. When it comes down to it, the debate about SUVs vs. hatchbacks narrows down to the needs of the user. Each of these types of car could benefit different families and individuals depending on their size and requirements, so here we take a closer look the pros and cons of SUV and hatchback vehicles to help you make the best decision for you.

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Toyota IST vs Vitz – Subcompact Hatchback Comparison

Toyota IST vs. Toyota Vitz Comparison - BE FORWARD

As you may have noticed, there are so many subcompact hatchbacks on the market today that it can be difficult to make the right buying decision. Here at BE FORWARD, we offer dozens of the top subcompact hatchbacks, but two of our best selling models are the Toyota IST and the Toyota Vitz.

Both of these cars are great options for the urban commuter or the small family looking to save money on fuel without sacrificing performance and long-term durability, but just what are the similarities and differences between them? We take a closer look in this Toyota IST and Toyota Vitz review.

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Our Top 5 Recommended Toyota Cars

Top 5 Toyota Cars - BE FORWARD

Toyota Motors began producing cars under the leadership of Kichiro Toyoda in 1935. Fast forward to present day, and Toyota has become the largest automobile manufacturer in the world by sales volume and has sold more than 230 million vehicles; a number unfathomable in the beginning.

Toyota has many tough, dependable models on offer, so much so that it can be hard to decide which one is the best fit for you and your family. That is why we decided to build this list of our top 5 recommended Toyota models, that are also best-sellers across Africa and beyond, to help you get started.

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Zambia’s Top 4 Used Cars Under $1,000

Zambias Top 4 Used Cars Under $1,000

by Mutimba Musonda, BE FORWARD Supporter in Zambia

Buying a used car with a tight budget in Zambia may seem difficult, but surprisingly it is very possible to purchase one for as low as under $1,000! Here we take a look at Zambia’s top 4 used cars that can be bought at under this bargain price on BE FORWARD.

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Top 3 Low-Cost Cars at BE FORWARD

top 3 low cost cars from BE FORWARD

by John Banda in Malawi

Who doesn’t like a discount? We all want high quality but less cost; no matter how much money we seem to have. Here is an outline of 3 of the most inexpensive yet high-quality cars you can find at BE FORWARD. The cars described below are not only fuel-friendly, but also have low maintenance costs and are ideal for inter-city trips and commuting to and from your work place.

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