Which Engine Size is Best for You?

by Takudzwa Masvaure In Zimbabwe

A car’s engine size, also known as the engine capacity or simply CC, is the size of the volume swept by each of the cylinders, which inside combine and burn air and fuel to generate energy. The larger the engine size, the more fuel your vehicle consumes, the more power it produces, and the more your car accelerates.

Engine capacity is also measured in litres—at times you may see such things as 2.0i or 3.0D written on the outside of a vehicle, and these simply stand for 2-litre petrol engine or 3-litre diesel engine, respectively. The size of the engine ultimately decides the power and bottom-line price you will pay, so it is an important factor to consider.

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Top 10 Most Popular Models in BE FORWARD Manufactured in 2017 (Under $4,200)

top 10 most popular models in be forward manufactured in 2017 under usd 4200

Cars come in different shapes, forms, styles, categories, and brands. And each year manufacturers keep releasing new or facelifted models to try and grab a share of the market for every segment they think is worth venturing into. We at BE FORWARD being part of the large automotive industry have been able to capture some … Read more

Toyota Corolla Review: 1966 -2021 Model Year Differences, Improvements, and Features

toyota corolla review model year and differences

The Toyota Corolla is a series of compact cars (formerly subcompact) manufactured by the Toyota Motor Corporation.  By 1974 Corolla was the best-selling car worldwide since its introduction in 1966 and has been one of the best-selling cars in the world since then. The Corolla became the best-selling nameplate in the world in 1997, surpassing … Read more

Mitsubishi Mirage – 1978 – 2022 Model Year Differences and Improvements

mitsubishi mirage model year and differences

The Mitsubishi Mirage (Colt) is a car brand produced by the Japanese automotive manufacturer Mitsubishi from 1978 to 2003 when production was halted and later resumed in 2012. The Mirage was available in hatchback, sedan, station wagon, coupe, and liftback body styles. The liftback model whose production ran from 1978 and 2003, and the coupe … Read more

Mazda 6 – 2009 – 2022 Model Year Differences and Improvements

mazda6 model year and differences

The Mazda 6/Atenza is a mid-size car produced by the Japanese automotive company Mazda. Mazda 6 was unveiled in 2002 for the 2003 model year as a replacement for the outgoing Mazda 626/Capella. The Mazda 6 has evolved and is currently in its third generation. Here we will take a brief look at how it … Read more

Top 10 Volvo Cars With Great Fuel Economy

Introduction The Volvo cars are known for their safety, reliability, and durability. Volvo Cars put their first priority in safety that’s why their entire model’s lineup is rated high on safety and crash tests. coupe’s, saloons, estates, or SUVs come fitted with high-end material and technology and are among the safest cars in the world. … Read more

Top 10 Most Popular Subaru Models in BE FORWARD

Subaru cars are one of the known automobile models worldwide. They are manufactured by the Japanese automaker Subaru Corporation. The cars they produced are popular for their reliability, durability, fuel efficiency, and safety quality. In this article, we will talk about the Top 10 Most Popular Subaru Models in BE FORWARD. Forester (SUV) The Subaru … Read more

Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon Review: 2003-2012 Model Improvement and Changes 

Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon Review: 2003-2012 Model Improvement and Changes 

The Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon is environmentally friendly, practical and economical. All models come with Subaru’s legendary AWD system for improved performance, handling and safety. It can be had with a selection of fuel-efficient gasoline and diesel engines, and is offered in two body styles: the B4 sedan and Outback SUV style. It’s sleek design on the outside and equally stylish interior make this car a must-buy for those who value comfort and convenience.

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